Resign from a Job When Forced Out Under Pressure — Letter-Writing Tutorial


If you are forced to either resign from a position or be discharged, your resignation letter may be short and abrupt. No explanations are necessary; recriminations are usually pointless.


1. Make a direct statement that you are resigning. Include the job or position title and an effective date. Technically, this is all the information necessary.


  • Effective immediately, I am resigning from my position as comptroller.
  • Pursuant to our conversation this morning, I am resigning from my position as Security Chief, effective Friday, April 12.
  • I hereby submit this letter of resignation, effective today.
  • At your specific request, I am submitting this letter of resignation, effective at your convenience, but I am doing so under protest.
  • You have made it clear that my services in this company are no longer needed, so I am submitting my resignation with an effective date of noon today, May 12.


  • after considerable thought and soul searching
  • after considerable thought, I have decided to
  • although I enjoy my position as
  • although I enjoy my work
  • as of this date, I am formally resigning as
  • as soon as you find a replacement
  • circumstances require that I resign my position as
  • doing so under protest
  • effective on the last day of this month
  • effective at your convenience, but no later than
  • effective immediately
  • feel that the change will be beneficial to all parties
  • final date of employment will be
  • have no choice but to resign
  • hereby submit my resignation as
  • hereby resign from my position with
  • leave the company by the end of this month
  • made this decision after months of deliberation
  • must leave no later than
  • offer my resignation as
  • please accept my resignation as
  • please consider this my official resignation
  • recent events require that
  • required two-week notice
  • submit this resignation under protest
  • to notify you that
  • to inform you that
  • will be leaving my position as
  • wish this resignation to take effect on
  • with some sadness I submit
  • with great reluctance I am submitting my resignation
  • with some sadness that I
  • with much reluctance and regret
  • with deep regret that after
  • would like to leave as soon as possible

2. State the reasons, if appropriate, but very briefly.


  • Your understanding of the present situation is not entirely accurate.
  • I have no desire to work in a company where my contributions as Chemical Engineer are not fully appreciated and inadequately compensated.
  • Your perception of the quality of my work is not substantiated, either by my employee evaluation reports or by my sales commission records.
  • I submit this resignation under protest and vigorously assert my innocence in these allegations. I will be consulting with my attorney about this matter, and we will take any action necessary to clear my name.
  • I am sorry that we lost the Doe contract, but there is more to the story than you know


  • you are no doubt aware
  • cannot accept your reasoning
  • determined to overcome
  • feel strongly about
  • has reached a point that
  • have made a substantial contribution to the company
  • have come to the realization
  • have met with you several times
  • if there are any problems
  • if the circumstances were encouraging
  • is not intended to reflect adversely upon
  • makes it impossible to continue
  • more to the story than you know
  • my employee evaluations and ratings have always been very high
  • my first priority at this time is
  • need to clear my name
  • seeking professional help for my problem
  • unfortunately, you are misinformed
  • vigorously assert my innocence in these allegations
  • will be consulting with my attorney
  • will take all necessary action
  • with mixed emotions
  • would be an understatement to say

3. Express gratitude, if appropriate, for job experience and work relationships.


  • I want to thank you for all the help you have given me during the past few years.
  • Among the many enjoyable aspects of my job are the friendly relationships I have developed here.
  • The knowledge and experience I have gained in the last few years are invaluable.
  • Please express my appreciation to those in the division who have supported me so well these past months.
  • Although we differ in the way we handle problems, I appreciate your commitment to producing a professional product.


  • accept my thanks for the opportunity you gave me to
  • always remember your consideration
  • am grateful for the opportunity to work with
  • best wishes to all of you for
  • best wishes to you always
  • best wishes for the future success of
  • experience gained during my association with
  • experience working with you has been invaluable
  • express my sincere appreciation to
  • for the guidance you gave me
  • had the opportunity to work with such a dedicated group of people
  • opportunity to earn my degree at night school through
  • will always remember the personal attention

4. Establish, if you want to, that your files and current projects are in order.


  • My books and records are in order, and I have prepared progress reports detailing the status of my current projects. I will be happy to respond to any questions you or my replacement may have about my work.
  • My staff is quite capable of carrying on until a replacement is appointed. I would even suggest promoting my assistant, Jane Doe, to be the new department head.
  • You will find that all of my files are as they should be--up to date and in proper order. I will, of course, remove my personal property from the office.


  • be happy to assist with training my replacement
  • before taking my leave
  • finish the projects before my departure
  • glad to help train my replacement
  • happy to assist you in finding a suitable replacement
  • happy to respond to any questions
  • make sure that the transition goes smoothly
  • my books and records are in proper order
  • orient the new person
  • prepare status reports with sufficient detail for my successor
  • willing to stay for a reasonable amount of time to train my replacement
  • would suggest promoting my assistant to

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