Contact Customers With Inactive Accounts For Sales Purposes — Letter-Writing Tutorial


If a customer has discontinued doing business with you, this letter may help you reactivate the account. If you know you are at fault, an apology may be in order. If you don't know the reason the customer has discontinued doing business with you, this letter can respectfully probe for that information. The tone should remain positive and sincere throughout.


1. Express appreciation for past business.


  • We have been pleased to fill your orders every week for the last four years. But now it has been two months since we have heard from you.
  • I have been going through the preferred customer files compiled by the previous management team, and have found that you stopped contacting us several months ago.
  • It was a pleasure for us to send you a large shipment of office supplies last year, but since then we have not heard from you.
  • I want to thank you for all of the time and effort you have dedicated to meeting with our sales representatives in the past. We appreciate your business.
  • We missed you lately--you haven't dropped by the store in months.
  • You have been a valued customer for many years, and we have appreciated all you have done to help our business succeed.
  • In this fast-paced world it is nice to see a familiar face every once in a while. We want you to know that we have missed serving you and your associates.
  • You are an important customer to us, and we have noticed that you haven't ordered our product for some time.
  • On behalf of Doe Corporation, I want you to know that we have always appreciated your business. In checking my records, I see that it has been four months since we last discussed your marketing needs.
  • Two months ago we were pleased to help install the new computers at your office.
  • I have just learned of your company's expansion to a new city, and I wish to congratulate you on this significant accomplishment.


  • appreciate your past business
  • are an important customer to us
  • enjoyed providing your
  • going through preferred customer files
  • has been some time since we've worked with you
  • have missed working with you on
  • have just learned of your
  • have always appreciated your business
  • have not received any orders
  • have been a valued customer
  • have some catching up to do
  • have enjoyed opportunities to discuss with you
  • have been waiting for another call from you
  • have missed serving you
  • haven't placed an order for
  • haven't ordered our product for
  • haven't heard from you
  • haven't seen you since your
  • in reviewing our accounts, we've noticed
  • it's been a long time since we
  • it's been some time since you bought
  • it's been quite a while since
  • it's been a while since we last talked
  • since we have had the opportunity to
  • since you came to visit us
  • some time since we have provided your
  • value you as a client
  • was always a pleasure to handle your
  • was a pleasure for us to send you
  • have been pleased to
  • have missed you lately
  • have appreciated our excellent working relationship
  • were happy to have your account
  • have been an excellent customer
  • your name has not been on our

2. State that your reason for writing is to regain the customer's business. Ask why he or she no longer requests your services. If you are aware of an offense, this is a good time to apologize.


  • I apologize for the inappropriate behavior of our former representative, and I sincerely want to know how we can continue to serve you in the future.
  • This is just a short note to let you know that we are still interested in your upcoming plans. Is there any specific reason why you haven't contacted us recently?
  • We have been waiting to receive another reservation from you, but have not. According to our records, your next seminar is in one month.
  • I am writing this letter because we at Doe Corporation are worried that we may be losing your account, and wish to remedy this problem immediately. How can we better serve your needs?
  • While updating our customer files, I noticed that you have not visited us for quite some time. Is there a particular reason why you have not consulted with us in the last four months?
  • I regret losing your account and would appreciate your consideration in letting me know why you have stopped doing business with us.


  • anything about our product or service
  • apologize for the inappropriate behavior of our
  • are worried that we may be losing your
  • are still interested in your
  • caused you to stop ordering from us
  • have you simply not had the time to
  • have we inadvertently done something
  • have you had any difficulty with
  • hope nothing serious has happened
  • how can we better serve your
  • if you have had a problem
  • if we've done anything to displease you
  • if something has escaped my attention
  • if there's a problem
  • is there a particular reason why
  • is there some reason you're dissatisfied
  • is there any specific reason
  • may I ask why you haven't
  • please let me know personally
  • sincerely want to know how we
  • so we can straighten things out
  • some problem with your account or our service
  • take whatever steps are necessary to ensure
  • very much want to keep customers like you
  • want you to be satisfied
  • we would be happy to remedy
  • we're downright worried that
  • would be a pleasure to serve you again
  • would welcome an opportunity to
  • would appreciate you letting me know
  • would you let us know if
  • would appreciate knowing about any

3. Invite the customer to reply.


  • In order for us to better serve valuable customers like you, we invite you to complete the enclosed survey. We hope that this brief survey will help us determine why you have not requested our services in the last six months.
  • If you don't mind sharing the reasons why you have decided to take your business to our competitor, please fill out the attached form. Enclosed is a stamped, self-addressed envelope for your use.
  • Thank you in advance for answering and returning the enclosed questionnaire entitled "How Can We Serve You."
  • I anxiously await your reply.
  • I sincerely desire to know the reason that you have stopped using our reception halls for your company banquets. Please call me at 555-5555 as soon as you receive this letter. I'm sure that together we can reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Our goal is to offer the finest service possible, and we are willing to do anything necessary to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied. Please call my office at 555-5555 so we can set up an appointment to discuss this matter in more detail. I will make this issue a top priority.
  • Have you, like some other small business owners at this time of year, simply not had the time to respond to our special offers?


  • answer and return the enclosed questionnaire
  • anxiously await your reply
  • appreciate the opportunity to discuss
  • bring each other up to date
  • call me and I'll set up an appointment
  • call you next week to discuss
  • enjoy hearing from you again
  • further discuss this matter
  • hope to hear from you soon
  • will call you to confirm
  • will be happy to set up an appointment
  • if you don't mind sharing the reasons why
  • impose on you to jot me a note
  • invite you to respond
  • let me know why
  • let us know how we can help
  • like to discuss your concerns
  • look forward to hearing from you
  • please tell us why
  • please write or call me
  • rest assured that we will take action
  • sincerely desire to know the reason
  • the enclosed card is for your convenience
  • will make this issue a top priority
  • would like your opinion so that we can improve
  • would appreciate your candid comments
  • would love to hear from you

4. Give a sales pitch. If necessary, introduce any new brochures or other information that the customer may not have seen.


  • I understand that our competitor has offered you a temporary lower price. But did you know that Doe Corporation offers a 10% discount to all customers who have made purchases that total $10,000 or more?
  • Enclosed with this letter is a proposal outlining some of the ways we can serve you better than ever! We value your business so highly that we are willing to give you ten hours of free consultation when you sign your next one-year contract with the Doe Corporation.
  • Since your last order, the Doe Corporation has made several changes in management and personnel. I invite you to come to our open house on Friday, November 12, to meet our new, friendly staff, and to take a fresh look at our merchandise. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
  • I want to remind you that our service station is the only one in town which remains open sixteen hours a day to service your vehicle. We are also proud to announce that our price range has remained lower than that of our competitor for the last year.
  • Have you had an opportunity to visit our showroom recently? I think you will be impressed.
  • Please take a look at our new fashions in this year's spring issue, which I am sending with this letter.


  • are proud to announce that
  • as a preferred customer you are entitled to
  • brand-new organization ready to serve you
  • can make a dramatic difference to your
  • did you know that our company offers
  • direct your attention to
  • enclosed is a proposal outlining
  • have recently introduced a new line of
  • have expanded and improved our
  • I think you'll be impressed with our
  • I have enclosed a brochure showing
  • invite you to come to our
  • offer you a free on-site demonstration of
  • open the door to a new relationship
  • please take a look at
  • prices remain very competitive
  • sure you will be pleasantly surprised by our
  • take a fresh look at our
  • we are willing to give you
  • would like you to experience the many new features of
  • have enclosed our new catalog
  • would very much like to welcome you back
  • will appreciate the outstanding quality of these
  • might want to see our latest

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