Follow Up on a Sales Offer — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Sometimes prospective customers need a reminder that you are still interested in obtaining their business. This letter should convey a gentle sense of urgency for an immediate response.


1. Open with a brief statement about your purpose for writing the letter.


  • Congratulations! I have just discovered that your 25th wedding anniversary is next month! Have you made travel plans yet?
  • I'm sending this urgent letter to remind you that there are only three days left for you to get in on this great offer.
  • You have enjoyed the Doe Journal for nearly a year, and now it is time to renew your subscription.
  • We still have not received your mail order.
  • Now that we have given you some time to think about our offer, may we have your response?
  • I wanted to remind you that our special offer ends on the last day of this month.
  • This notice is to remind you that you are due for another check-up and cleaning with Doctor Doe.
  • If you have not responded to my last letter, it may be too late for you to place an order by mail. But you can still reserve a portrait time if you call 555-5555 and ask for John Doe.
  • It's time for spring cleaning again, and we are ready and waiting to shampoo your carpets.


  • all too easy to put off acting but
  • don't want you to miss this opportunity to
  • given you some time to think
  • have not yet received your
  • haven't heard from you yet
  • hope this letter reaches you in time
  • in order to reserve your
  • just a reminder that
  • need to hear from you right away
  • only three days left to
  • special offer ends on
  • still have not received your
  • thought you would appreciate this reminder
  • time is running out
  • time to renew your
  • urgent letter to remind you
  • want to remind you that
  • we are ready and waiting to
  • we know you don't want to miss
  • you are eligible for

2. Remind the prospective customer of your most recent communication, indicating that you have not received a response.


  • As I notified you a few days ago, we have a special clearance sale ending November 31.
  • In my last letter, I told you about our introductory offer to first-time buyers. Since I haven't received your response, I felt I should send you more information about our product.
  • I have not yet received a reply to my latest letter, so here is another copy of the brochure that came with it. Because I'm offering an unbelievable deal, I wanted to give you every opportunity to respond in case my original correspondence failed to reach you.
  • Our representative, John Doe, spoke to you on the phone last month about the new home you are building. He explained the amazing durability and quality of our ceramic bath and kitchen tiles. He reported that you were very interested, but I haven't received your order yet.
  • In my previous letter I told you about the savings you could enjoy if you ordered your wood from Doe Lumber.
  • At Doe Corporation we are concerned about the safety of every family that installs a private pool. In the notice you received two weeks ago, we informed you of the potential dangers accompanying a back-yard pool, and we offered our pool safety products at a discounted rate to help you and your loved ones avoid these dangers.
  • I recently called your main branch to invite you and your associates to celebrate the grand opening of our new location in Springfield. You will be able to view all of our merchandise with a representative from our company to guide you every step of the way. We have not yet received your reply, but we trust you plan to attend.


  • a few weeks ago we sent you
  • as we stated before
  • as I told you in my last letter
  • as I have already notified you
  • did you read our last letter
  • give you every opportunity to respond
  • had time to look through our brochure
  • have not yet received your reply
  • here is some more information about
  • in our previous letter we mentioned
  • in my last letter I told you about
  • in my previous letter I
  • in the notice we sent you
  • it's been several weeks since you received
  • perhaps you need more information before you
  • recently contacted your establishment in order to
  • the unbeatable offer we extended to you
  • to further sweeten our offer we
  • we offered you our
  • we have not yet received your reply
  • we made an offer to you on

3. Mention, if appropriate, services the prospective customer has profited from in the past.


  • In the past, you have enjoyed our custom-made desserts at your special functions.
  • It has always been a pleasure to work with your employees--they are quick learners. I think the seminar last year was time well spent.
  • From Doe Corporation's rate of expansion, I can see that your investment in our services has really paid off. Why not reinvest and increase your success?
  • I hope your employees appreciated the gifts you gave them last Christmas.
  • We told you that if you were to buy our newer, updated equipment, your production rate would increase significantly, and your cost would decrease. I am happy that you were able to prove our point!
  • I was pleased to hear that your family loves the washer and dryer you purchased from Doe Appliances. You know you can expect the same quality from our other products, as well.
  • We have always worked around your budget constraints.


  • appreciated our mutual commitment to excellence
  • can expect the same quality from our other
  • continue to use only the best
  • delivered the savings we promised
  • difference our services have made to your
  • enjoyed the benefits of your subscription
  • enjoyed working with you
  • expressed great satisfaction with our
  • has always been a pleasure to work with you
  • have worked around your budget limits
  • helped you stay up-to-date in
  • keep up your tradition of using only the best
  • met or exceeded your specifications
  • pleased to hear of your success with our
  • positive results from using our
  • products worked so well for you
  • working with you in the past
  • you have enjoyed our
  • your positive comments about our
  • your previous investments in our services

4. Entice the customer with a special offer.


  • Buy a VCR at any Doe Electronics Store before July 15, and you will receive a free video of your choice as a bonus.
  • When you buy merchandise totaling $100 or more this week, we will take an additional 10% off the cost of your purchase.
  • Order today with no money down and no payments until March 1!
  • Call now and receive your first subscription for half price.
  • Reserve your copy now, and it will be on your doorstep by August 31.
  • Come in to see our new showcase anytime before August 31 and enter a raffle to win a new jeep!
  • You automatically qualify to win the Doe PC Sweepstakes when you buy any of our software packages!
  • Save five dollars when you buy any book or cassette in this catalog!
  • We deliver overnight--FREE!


  • an incredibly low introductory price of
  • at a fraction of the cost of
  • bring in this letter for a free
  • buy now and we'll throw in a
  • call now for your free
  • come in this week and be eligible for
  • discover savings of up to
  • don't miss this special offer
  • every item is offered at a discount
  • extremely pleased to be able to offer you
  • if you order now your upgrade will be
  • just call for a sample of our new
  • no extra charge for express delivery
  • no money down and no payments till
  • offer limited to our preferred customers
  • our prices have never been so low
  • overnight delivery is free
  • reserve your copy now
  • send no money now
  • special offers in the current catalog
  • take advantage of this special offer
  • will give you an additional discount of
  • are offering a year of free
  • with your order you will receive

5. Stress the urgency of an immediate response.


  • We don't want you to miss this spectacular opportunity to save your family money this summer!
  • Don't forget, you must reply within two weeks to take advantage of this generous offer.
  • Do not delay your order. We can't hold this sale forever!
  • This is your last chance to order our CDs at this price.
  • Hurry in! A sale like this may never happen again.
  • We do not foresee ever being able to offer these low prices again in the future, so take advantage of them now!
  • Reserve big savings for tomorrow today!
  • Mail in your order immediately. We don't want you to miss a single issue.
  • We look forward to your immediate response.
  • I cannot make this kind of sacrifice for every customer, and this is a limited offer. So, please hurry in to make your purchase.
  • This offer expires at midnight, May 20. I can make no exceptions.
  • This offer is only good through March 19.


  • can't hold these prices forever
  • do not delay your
  • don't miss a single
  • don't miss this spectacular
  • don't miss this opportunity to
  • if you respond right away
  • if you order now we can offer
  • last chance to order at these prices
  • limited time offer
  • mail in your order immediately
  • mail the enclosed card today
  • must reply within
  • offer is only good through
  • order today to take advantage of this
  • our sale ends on
  • prices may never be repeated
  • take advantage of this now
  • this offer ends on
  • this offer is good while supplies last
  • we need to hear from you right away
  • when they're gone, they're gone

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