Motivate a Sales Force — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Use this letter to congratulate individuals or groups for outstanding work, and to motivate them for future success. Be sure you are sincere; otherwise, you risk sounding patronizing or offensive to your readers.


1. Congratulate the salesperson or sales force on their fine work.


  • Congratulations! You met the deadline and surpassed your quota!
  • Although I'm not surprised, I am delighted to tell you that you are number one again this month. Keep up the great work!
  • What a privilege it is for me to have such an outstanding salesperson on my staff.
  • I am continually impressed by your skill and effectiveness.
  • Both your professional manner and your impeccable sales record have combined to produce one of the best salespeople this branch has ever had.
  • On behalf of management, I am excited to tell you that your team has won this month's sales competition.
  • I was on the sales floor the other day when you were busy with a rather difficult customer. I appreciated the way you handled the situation and turned it into a productive experience. Congratulations on that tricky sale.
  • I want you to know much I admire the way you sell this product. It is as if you were the one who invented it. You are a real example to the rest of our sales force.


  • accept our congratulations on
  • admire the way that you
  • am continually impressed by
  • am excited to tell you
  • am delighted to tell you that
  • an outstanding performance
  • appreciate the way that you
  • congratulate you on your
  • contributors to our success
  • does not go unnoticed
  • exceeded your quota
  • extraordinary contribution you have made
  • is a privilege for me to
  • on behalf of management
  • performance of our sales force
  • proud of your efforts
  • sincerely admire your
  • surpassed your quota
  • you met the deadline and
  • your professional manner
  • your sales expertise
  • your impeccable sales record

2. Thank them for their contribution to the company as a whole.


  • As the marketing director for the Doe Corporation, I want to thank each of you for your dedicated efforts to make our products the top-sellers on the market.
  • We are relieved to announce that our company is in excellent form at this year's end, and that a large portion of this success is due to the outstanding work of our sales force. Congratulations on a job well done!
  • The Springfield branch sales department has set a new record for the entire company. I am proud to be the head of such an outstanding team.
  • Each department in our company fulfills vital responsibilities so that together we may succeed. I want to announce that you, as our sales force, have gone beyond duty to help push our corporation to higher levels of success this year.
  • Dedicated workers like you are what has made this company such a strong competitor.
  • We value your contribution to the Doe Corporation and are proud to have such fine people representing our company.


  • accept our congratulations on
  • am delighted to tell you that
  • am excited to tell you
  • an outstanding performance
  • an outstanding team
  • appreciate the way that you
  • congratulate you on your
  • contributors to our success
  • exceeded your quota
  • extraordinary contribution you have made
  • happy to announce that
  • have gone beyond duty
  • on behalf of management
  • outstanding work of our sales force
  • performance of our sales force
  • products are the top-sellers
  • proud of your efforts
  • set a new company record
  • success of the entire company
  • surpassed your quota
  • thank each member of our sales force for
  • thank you for
  • value your contribution
  • your dedicated efforts

3. Inform them of any further recognition or incentives they may receive for their superior work.


  • We would like to show you our gratitude by offering you this $100 gift certificate on any item in the store.
  • We hope you will attend this year's awards banquet where you will be honored as salesperson of the year.
  • The company's president is going to meet with us next week to congratulate you on your outstanding sales work.
  • You have worked hard for your bonus this month; I hope you enjoy it.
  • Would you mind sharing your techniques with the rest of the staff during our next departmental meeting?
  • You have contributed so much to our sales department that management wants you to organize and supervise a new team.


  • bonus to show our appreciation
  • congratulate you on your
  • department will be honored at
  • deserve a bow
  • earned a bonus this month
  • enjoy your bonus
  • hear about your accomplishments
  • honor you for your achievements
  • it's a pleasure to offer you a
  • offering you this
  • presentation at the departmental meeting
  • promote you to
  • salesperson of the year
  • sharing your techniques
  • show our appreciation by
  • show our gratitude by
  • sliding-scale commission formula
  • supervise a new team
  • this year's awards banquet
  • for your outstanding contributions

4. Express your confidence in and gratitude for their work, and encourage them to do just as well in the future.


  • I have confidence in each member of this force to continue to work hard and meet the goals they have set.
  • You have given me every reason to believe that we can look forward to continued success next year.
  • Economists forecast an upsurge in spending for the nation. This is good news for us. If you can beat the odds during a recession, I am sure that you can accomplish even more this coming season.
  • This company is still struggling to overcome the competition, so we will need every bit of skill and effort you can give to come out on top this year. I'm sure each of you is willing to work toward that end.
  • This month we need to surpass last month's sales. I have seen you in action and know you can do it!


  • accomplish even more
  • are our company's most important asset
  • be in touch with each of you personally
  • come out on top next year
  • continue to meet quotas
  • continue to grow
  • continue to work hard
  • continued success in the future
  • could become the market leader
  • ensure our continuing achievement
  • even better than the last
  • going to be the winners
  • help build on success
  • keep on winning
  • keep up the good work
  • know you can do it
  • look forward to
  • surpass last month's sales
  • tradition of excellence
  • your best efforts

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