Strengthen Relationships With Customers — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This letter is not a sales letter but a letter to build a feeling of trust and compatibility that will promote future sales. Let your customer know that you appreciate his or her patronage. Keep the tone informal and friendly.


1. Thank the reader for being your customer. If appropriate, offer the customer a gift or special offer to show your appreciation.


  • On behalf of the Doe Corporation, I want to thank you for your generous investment in our services.
  • We know that this fiscal year has been long and difficult for your business and we are happy to see that you are recuperating well. Thank you for trusting in the Doe Corporation to help you get back on your feet.
  • We appreciate your prompt monthly payments and have enjoyed working with you.
  • I am planning a trip to Springfield next month and would like to take you to lunch so we can iron out some of the details of our last negotiation.
  • My employees and I want to thank you for your patronage.
  • You have been our loyal customer for five years, and we want to show you our appreciation. Enclosed is a $10 gift certificate to use at any of our five locations.
  • Thank you for your contribution to making our business what it is today.


  • any assistance you may need
  • appreciate your prompt payments
  • been designated a preferred customer
  • business depends on customers like you
  • enclosed article might interest you
  • enjoy working with you
  • found this article on
  • glad to tell you that your order has been shipped
  • happy to inform you that
  • have been a loyal customer
  • helped each other make it through the
  • hope you will accept this small gift
  • enjoyed seeing you again at
  • let you know how much we appreciate
  • making our business what it is today
  • may be of assistance to you
  • our excellent working relationship
  • our companies growing together
  • show our appreciation
  • sorry to hear that your purchase did not meet your needs
  • stopping by our booth at
  • thank you for attending our
  • thank you for visiting our
  • thank you for your contribution to
  • thank you for trusting in our
  • thank you for your patronage
  • thank you for your investment in
  • token of our appreciation
  • was good to see you at
  • welcome you as a customer

2. Express your commitment to satisfying customers with your product or service.


  • We are committed to helping your business succeed.
  • We wish you all of the best in the future and will do all we can to assist you.
  • I am pleased to serve you and hope that our business relationship will last for years to come.
  • Moving is difficult for everyone, but wherever you go you can count on Doe Department Stores. As always, we offer low prices and high quality merchandise for your home and family.
  • Remember, we are here to serve you.
  • I am dedicated to helping your business run smoothly.
  • We understand your special needs and are willing to help you fill them.
  • Enclosed is a brief questionnaire. Will you please fill it out and return it to help us give you the best service possible.
  • I hope we can continue to serve you to your satisfaction for many years.
  • Although our contract is nearly at an end, we want you to know that we continue to do our best to give you the highest quality service possible.


  • always room for improvement
  • always pleased to serve you
  • always appreciate feedback
  • are our top priority
  • are committed to helping you
  • best service possible
  • carry on working together
  • continue to serve you
  • continue to grow together
  • customer satisfaction survey
  • dedicated to helping you
  • improving our service further
  • it's always been our commitment to
  • long and satisfying relationship
  • look out for your interests
  • look forward to continuing our
  • look forward to serving
  • mutually beneficial association
  • striving for excellence
  • to suit your needs
  • understand your special
  • wish you all the best
  • worldwide provider of quality
  • your satisfaction is important to us

3. Invite the customer to contact you if he or she needs assistance, or offer to contact the customer yourself.


  • If you have any questions as we enter this final stage of our contract, please give me a call.
  • Please notify me if problems arise.
  • Your family was patient and cooperative as we worked on recreating your kitchen. Please let us know how we can make this experience more enjoyable.
  • Please call us and tell us about your experience with our products.
  • We look forward to seeing you again. You'll be pleased with our contemporary styles and our courteous service. Plus, you'll always get the low prices you expect.
  • We want to give you the best service possible. Please let us know how we can help you.
  • Our customers are our top priority. I'll call you next week to see how you are enjoying your new system.


  • always appreciate your comments
  • always room for improvement
  • appreciate your feedback
  • call me at any time
  • enduring and pleasant association
  • feel free to call
  • give you the best service possible
  • happy to answer your questions
  • help us to serve you better
  • if you have any concerns or questions
  • let us know how you like the
  • let us know if there are any problems with
  • look forward to seeing you again
  • please notify me of any
  • please complete this survey
  • please let us know if
  • return enclosed card
  • take you to lunch
  • value your comments and feedback
  • will hear from us shortly
  • will call you next week to

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