Announce a New Business Location | Letter-Writing Guide


Use this letter to announce that either you are adding a new location or you are relocating your business. Whatever your purpose, keep this letter short and informal while giving as many details about your location as possible.


1. Announce the specific details of your move or your new opening, including the effective date and the new address. If you desire, also mention why you are moving.

  • We are eager to announce that on August 25, we will relocate our bicycle shop to a more convenient location at 1600 Main Street.
  • We are moving to a larger, more modern warehouse on 1600 Main Street and will be functioning at that location on December 7.
  • I am pleased to announce that business is going so well that on April 15, we are opening a new office on 1600 Main Street.
  • Because the city plans to build a highway less than 100 feet from our present location, we are relocating our preschool to 1600 Main Street on the first of next month.
  • Hooray! Because we are moving to a larger shop, we can offer an even wider selection of CDs and cassettes. Come look at our new inventory at 1600 Main Street.
  • We have moved our office to a new location at 1600 Main Street.
  • I am excited to announce that we will soon establish our headquarters at a more central location on 1600 Main Street. We expect the move to be complete on February 18.
  • are moving to a larger
  • are relocating our
  • are happy to announce that
  • are pleased to announce that
  • are excited about our move to
  • are opening our new office at
  • are moving to a
  • due to expansion of our
  • have outgrown our
  • have now moved our
  • look for our new location at
  • more convenient location
  • our new premises are located at
  • our big moving day will be
  • our expansion has necessitated a move to larger
  • will be doing business at our new
  • will be opening in our new building on
  • will soon establish our headquarters at
  • won't need to drive across town any more

2. Give your new telephone number or fax number, if those will change.

  • Our new phone number will be 555-5555.
  • You can still reach us at our old phone number (555-5555).
  • Our telephone lines will be connected on December 2, so feel free to fax us at (555)-000-5555 or phone us at (555)-555-5555.
  • We will be happy to continue to fill your orders, even though we are moving to another city. Please use our toll free number: 1-800-555-5555.
  • We invite you to tour our new warehouse. Call us at our new number, 555-5555, to make an appointment.
  • call us at
  • enclosed is a card with our new
  • leave us a message and we'll get back to you
  • our new phones will be installed on
  • our new phone number will be
  • our number is still
  • our phone and fax numbers stay the same
  • our new number is
  • our phone number remains
  • please note our new phone and fax numbers
  • please use our toll free number
  • to speak to us directly call
  • will take messages at the old number
  • are looking forward to your call at
  • can still reach us at
  • can call us at

3. If necessary, include the directions to your new location.

  • We are located in the old Doe Corporation headquarters on 1600 Main Street, just off the Springfield exit on I-21.
  • Our new office is just north of the Doe theaters on the left side of the street.
  • You can find us next door to the Doe Mall on Main Street.
  • Our new location is easy to find. Just look for the building with the dome roof. That's us!
  • That's just two blocks west of our old location.
  • See the map below for your new neighborhood Doe store. Please call us if you have a question.
  • Our new offices are between the Doe International Building and the Springfield Recreation Center.
  • Below is a map with specific directions on how to find our new headquarters.
  • enclosed is a map showing our new
  • from our old location you just
  • it's easy to find us
  • just follow the sign to
  • our new offices are between
  • our new location is easier to get to
  • take exit number
  • watch the newspapers
  • are right next to
  • are located in
  • are easy to find
  • can find us
  • will love the availability of parking at

4. Thank your customer for business received, and extend an invitation to visit your new location.

  • We value your patronage and look forward to your visit at our new location.
  • Come see us at our new location. We're grateful for your business and are waiting to serve all of your sports clothing needs.
  • We appreciate your loyalty and invite you to visit our newest Doe grocery store.
  • We hope you will stop by and see our even bigger show room at our new electronics store.
  • We express our gratitude for your steady business and will expect your visit on the second Tuesday of each month, as usual.
  • We can't wait to show you our extended line of merchandise during your next visit.
  • Even though we are relocating, our services will remain the same. Please drop by our new headquarters and meet our pleasant staff.
  • Just to show you how thrilled we are to maintain your business, we extend a personal invitation to you and your family to attend the grand opening at our new location.
  • are sure you will be impressed by our new
  • are waiting to serve you
  • can't wait to show you our new
  • come see us at our new
  • come browse through our expanded
  • customers like you have helped us to expand
  • don't miss our grand opening
  • enjoy our spacious new building
  • hope you will stop by and see our
  • invite you to visit us there
  • join in our celebration
  • look forward to serving you in our new
  • look forward to seeing you at our
  • our service and quality will stay the same
  • our tempting opening specials
  • personally invite you to the grand opening
  • thank you for your business over the years
  • value your patronage
  • will be much more convenient
  • will have ample parking

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