Solicit Mail Orders For Your Product — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Since direct mail sales often depend on a single sales letter, you must get straight to the point. Give your information quickly and clearly, and give a strong sales pitch. State the benefits of your product or service in a way that the reader can quickly understand. This letter should be enthusiastic throughout.


1. Introduce your product or service with a statement that will catch the reader's attention.


  • Announcing the fifteen minute loan. The Doe Corporation is making it easier and quicker for you to access last-minute financing.
  • Finally! Here's your chance to discover the secrets of the easiest to use, most powerful office software ever.
  • Doe Marketing is the perfect way to cause your sales to skyrocket.
  • Upgrade your system now at this low price and learn its best new features next month at our seminar.
  • We proudly introduce the quickest, most convenient way to conduct business with your bank.
  • Just do it! If you love sports, here's your invitation to purchase season tickets to your favorite baseball, basketball, and football games.
  • We're offering a perfect opportunity you won't want to miss.
  • Look inside the accompanying catalog for all your favorite cookware and utensils. You will be amazed at how much you can save with the Doe line.
  • Save up to 30% on your current long-distance phone bills.
  • Buy direct and save! The Doe Check Company is open to save you money.
  • The Doe Corporation has not increased insurance premiums for over five years!


  • announcing the
  • be the first in your
  • be the envy of
  • can save you up to
  • chance to upgrade your
  • did you know that
  • discover the secrets of
  • discover how you can
  • for the first time
  • have the satisfaction of knowing
  • have been selected to receive
  • help us celebrate our
  • here's your chance to
  • here's your invitation to
  • in these fast-moving times
  • join millions of others who
  • joined forces with
  • making it quicker and easier for you to
  • no one will ever guess
  • not for just anybody
  • now at this extraordinarily low price
  • one of the largest and most respected
  • opportunity you won't want to miss
  • proud to introduce the
  • taking the gamble out of choosing between
  • there's a perfect way to
  • this is no ordinary
  • will take your breath away
  • you won't find a more

2. If appropriate, make a special offer.


  • For a limited time, when you order your three favorite CDs or tapes, get the fourth absolutely free!
  • Order today with no money down and no payments until March 1.
  • Reserve your copy now and it will be on your doorstep August 31--guaranteed.
  • You are automatically entered in the Doe PC Sweepstakes when you buy any of our software packages.
  • We deliver overnight--FREE!
  • This special offer features 10% off all purchases totaling $150 or more.
  • For this month only, you will save 15% on all the cooking utensils in the catalog.
  • When you renew your subscription, we will send you the first two issues free.
  • Order by the end of this month and you will not be billed for 60 days.
  • Plus, you get 25% off all backpacks and sports bags in this catalog.
  • Purchase your diapers by mail and save up to 20% off the listed grocery store prices.
  • Pay only one cent each for all your checks whey you buy a second box at our already low price. This sale will only last through September 15.


  • delivery is free
  • first time public offering of
  • for a limited time
  • for preferred customers only
  • free trial period
  • free trial issue
  • low introductory price
  • money back guarantee
  • no money down
  • no payments until
  • now available to the public
  • offer overnight delivery
  • reserve your copy now
  • special introductory offer
  • this limited time offer
  • this offer features
  • this month only
  • try us out for free
  • we won't bill you until
  • we'll pay the shipping and handling

3. Enthusiastically highlight the benefits or features of your service or product.


  • A Doe loan is quick and easy. Prequalification takes only fifteen minutes by telephone, and total loan processing is complete within 48 hours. Plus, there is no application fee.
  • Take a look at this year's spring issue. You won't know which you'll love more--our fashions or our prices!
  • Now you don't have to wait for the concert to get your trend-setting T-shirts featuring your favorite groups. You can get them any time of the year!
  • We work hard to make quality affordable, and we guarantee the lowest prices on our products and service.
  • We offer a wide variety of scenes on checks, ranging from beautiful landscapes to cuddly animal portraits. Plus, you can be absolutely certain that any bank will accept Doe's designer checks. We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Our amplified computer speakers are sure winners! They have magnetically-shielded speaker magnets to prevent monitor, drive, and disk damage.
  • This multimedia rack can hold up to 400 CDs and 105 video tapes. It is available in solid walnut, cherry, or oak, and arrives ready to assemble.
  • During our one-day seminar you will learn how to use our office software package to create professional reports, tables, forms, pamphlets, and brochures.
  • You will want to own this exquisite porcelain doll! She wears a blue colonial gown that will add beauty and elegance to any room in your home.


  • accept no imitations
  • at no expense to you
  • benefits and privileges include
  • budget-pleasing prices
  • complimentary copy
  • eliminated the middleman
  • featuring your favorite
  • guarantee your satisfaction
  • guaranteed for two full years
  • handcrafted and hand painted
  • lets you enjoy more of your favorite
  • limited edition creation
  • makes any day special
  • no matter which set you choose
  • no artificial flavors or colors
  • no hidden charges
  • not nearly as costly as you might expect
  • now you don't have to wait
  • offer a wide variety of
  • on the enclosed charter invitation
  • one reason among many to order
  • our patented design
  • quality you can see and feel
  • quick and easy to arrange
  • reward yourself with
  • the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one
  • the finest ever
  • this is all-natural
  • this collector's edition
  • time-proven design
  • to suit your individual taste
  • we make quality affordable
  • will beat or match any price
  • will want to own this
  • won't find better quality anywhere
  • years of testing have proved
  • you will be joining the select company of those who
  • your key to peace of mind

4. Urge the reader to order your product and tell him or her how to go about doing so.


  • Hurry and order now! We don't want you to miss this spectacular money-saving opportunity! Call 555-5555 with your credit card number ready, or send your check or money order to the address below.
  • This may be your last chance to order cassettes and CDs at this low price. Send your order form along with $10 for each CD or $8 for each cassette to Doe Music.
  • Mail your order today, and we will not bill you until next month. We don't want you to miss a single issue.
  • Just send your check for your purchase amount, along with $1.50 for shipping costs. Your Colonial Doe Porcelain Doll will arrive in six to eight weeks.
  • Order now with your credit card number ready. This offer is only good through March 19.
  • Please fill out the attached order form and send it in the pre-stamped envelope today. This special offer only lasts through June.
  • Simply fill out this order form and return it immediately. We eagerly await your request to send you this new best-seller.
  • To receive free information or to register for our senior citizen life insurance plan, return the postage-paid reply card immediately!
  • To acquire this software package at its low issue price, simply complete and return the order form. Remember, send no money now. We will bill you after you have received your software.
  • Enclose the following four items in an envelope: a voided check, a deposit slip, a payment check payable to Doe Designer Checks, and a completed order form. Mail them to Doe Designer Checks.


  • allow six to eight weeks for delivery
  • as long as stocks last
  • call our toll-free number
  • don't miss this money-saving opportunity
  • don't want you to miss a single
  • expect a tremendous response to this offer
  • have your credit card number ready
  • if not completely satisfied
  • invite you to
  • just return the postage paid card
  • just fill out the order form and
  • look forward to sending you your own
  • mail in your order immediately
  • may be your last chance to order this
  • offer is good through
  • order now before
  • risk nothing
  • satisfaction guaranteed
  • send your check or money order to
  • send in your order form
  • send no money
  • shipping and handling is only
  • supplies are limited
  • take a moment right now to look over this
  • we will bill you
  • we're waiting for your call
  • won't cost you a thing to
  • your credit is pre-approved

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