Write a Sales Letter — Letter-Writing Tutorial


The most successful sales letters are original and truthful. As the writer you should learn every detail about the product or service you wish to promote, and then focus the letter solely on selling that specific product or service. You must give your reader enough information to feel confident about or interested in your offer, while at the same time keeping the letter short. Your sales pitch can only succeed if your prospect reads the entire letter.


1. Capture the reader's interest immediately. For example, you might make a special offer, ask a thought provoking question, or thank a customer for his or her patronage.


  • You may not own oil shares, but you can make money on Doe Oil! Just ask for Doe Oil the next time you get your oil changed and mail us your proof of purchase for a $5 rebate.
  • I am eager to offer you a software package that is so new that it hasn't even hit the sales floor.
  • Thank you for investing so much time in discovering what this company has to offer you.
  • We are pleased to welcome you as a new client and look forward to working with you.
  • Is your business in danger of bankruptcy? Read the remainder of this letter to find out the five financial pitfalls of the small business owner.
  • Did you know that your rent may be as high as a house payment? You can get a home loan even if you don't make much money. At the Doe Mortgage Company we specialize in low income housing options.
  • Thank you for responding so positively to the letter we sent you about our fabulous new hair care products last week.
  • Your accounting team recently asked me to show them how our financial organization and accounting software could help them do their jobs more effectively. They were amazed at what it could do.
  • Good news! We are delighted to inform you that we no longer require a $100 minimum purchase per order. We now accept orders as small as $50.
  • I'm sending this urgent letter to remind you that there are only three days left for you to get in on this great offer.
  • Congratulations! I have just discovered that your 25th wedding anniversary is next month! Have you made travel plans yet?
  • Thank you for the helpful comments you made during our phone conversation a few days ago. Now I am better prepared to make a proposal suited to your company's needs.


  • are delighted to inform you
  • are pleased to welcome you as a
  • build upon the excellence that
  • can have your own specialist in
  • did you know that
  • do you know how to
  • don't need a lot of money to
  • have you ever considered
  • have you ever wondered
  • how would you like to
  • am eager to offer you
  • is so new that it
  • keep reading to find out
  • latest tests show
  • let you in on a secret
  • new discovery can change
  • not much time left to
  • now your dreams can come true
  • people all over the world are discovering
  • recent research has revealed
  • stop those costly losses with
  • surprise that special someone with
  • thank you for your
  • the many advantages of
  • the intelligent way to
  • you will be amazed by

2. Explain the product or service. Try to convince the reader to buy or to take the next step in negotiations. If appropriate, send a brochure, catalog, or pamphlet to help you make your points.


  • Enclosed with this letter is a proposal outlining some of the ways we can serve you better than ever! We value your business, and to prove it we are giving you ten hours of free consultation when you sign your next one-year contract with the Doe Corporation.
  • We at the Doe Corporation have always taken great pride in our work. We guarantee that our products are the best quality you can buy at the lowest possible cost.
  • We're Springfield's first department store, founded in 1868. Today we are proud to carry over 3,000 quality products.
  • Our pots and pans are rated among the most durable in the country. They feature porcelain enamel exteriors, nonstick interiors, and steam vent knobs.
  • In the past you have ordered a fruit basket for each of your employees. This year's baskets will include fruits from the tropics, including mangoes, kiwis, and papayas. Of course you are always welcome to order custom-made baskets at no extra charge, but many of our customers find it convenient to order our standard basket.
  • Our amplified computer speakers are sure winners! They have magnetically-shielded speaker magnets to prevent monitor, drive, and disc damage. They also feature a unique cabinet design for enhanced bass response.
  • Because you showed such interest in our graphic design services at the demonstration, I am sending you this pamphlet that explains our services in greater detail.
  • I am delighted that you are interested in our unique products. We all agree that water safety is an essential part of enjoying boating. This catalog features our life jackets, inner tubes, goggles, caution signs, and more.
  • We also offer a complete line of summer hair care products. If you swim, especially in a public pool, your hair will suffer unless you protect it. These unique shampoos and deep conditioners are great for combating sun and chlorine damage.


  • am enclosing a
  • are proud to carry
  • can help you plan for
  • can save you more than
  • can take care of your
  • can save you over
  • complex financial needs
  • could be most helpful to you
  • detailed in the enclosed brochure
  • don't have to be wealthy to
  • finest quality available
  • have proven themselves in hundreds of
  • impact on your business
  • is our specialty
  • like similar companies everywhere
  • meet your present and future needs
  • might be interested in our latest model
  • offer a complete line of
  • offer a free consultation
  • options we can offer
  • our professional approach to
  • recent research shows that
  • secure your financial future
  • share the latest developments in
  • substantially increase your productivity
  • surprisingly low cost
  • take great pride in our
  • the latest research shows that
  • think you will find that
  • this easy-to-sell product
  • this convenience can be
  • thousands of our customers have reported
  • to make your job easier
  • using the most up-to-date techniques
  • we sell the widest variety of
  • we understand the needs of a
  • we specialize in
  • will find this quite thought provoking
  • would like to show you
  • you can save time and money with our
  • you want the best for

3. Motivate the reader to respond.


  • Call now and receive your first subscription for half price.
  • Order today. We can't hold this sale forever!
  • Mail in your order immediately. We don't want you to miss a single issue.
  • I will call you in a few days to arrange a time for your free estimate.
  • Contact me before your next shipping date so we can confirm the discounted rates for your bulk order.
  • Simply fill out the order form and send it to us. We eagerly await your request to send you this new best seller.
  • I look forward to meeting with you. My secretary will call you to make an appointment.
  • This could be a lifelong career opportunity. Give me a call and we'll talk about it.
  • If you would like to get in on this excellent money-making opportunity, call my secretary at 555-5555. She'll help you set up an interview with me.
  • To set up an appointment, call one of our customer service representatives during regular business hours at 555-5555.
  • I'll call you in a few days to discuss which package you would like to order.
  • If I can assist you with this decision, please call my personal office at 555-5555. If I am not in, leave a message with my secretary. I will return your call as soon as possible.
  • I'd like to make an appointment for next week to discuss your specific needs. I'll give you a call.


  • eagerly await your
  • be happy to address any concerns you may have
  • call to discuss terms
  • call me at any time
  • glad to arrange an on-site demonstration
  • happy to set up an appointment to
  • hope you will give some thought to
  • hope you will consider our proposal and
  • if you want clarification of any point
  • if you need any further information
  • if you need any more information
  • if you have any concerns
  • just fill out the order form and
  • let us know if you
  • let us know when you're ready to
  • let me know what other information you need
  • look forward to talking with you further
  • look forward to working with
  • look forward to serving you
  • looking forward to providing your
  • looking forward to your call
  • please come by again and
  • please contact me at
  • please let us know when you're ready to
  • please feel free to call
  • prices are negotiable
  • send it in with the special coupon
  • set up a time for
  • to set up an appointment
  • will be happy to assist you
  • will call you to arrange
  • will call you next week to
  • will be back in touch in a
  • would like to do business with you
  • would like you to accept a free trial of

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