Offer a Suggestion to a Superior — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Write this letter with the respect due your superior. Be specific. Include details that will convince your superior that the issue is worthy of his or her attention and that your suggestion will help. You may suggest a meeting to discuss the idea in detail. The tone of the letter should indicate more concern than criticism. Don't put your reader on the defensive.


1. Explain why you are writing.


  • Fears about the proposed merger are affecting members of my department, and last week's memo did not lessen their anxiety. Rumors have already created a division between employees and management. Although we may not be affected directly, I fear some of these divisions will continue.
  • I am writing to express concern over the new management policy. In my opinion, weekly reviews cause employees to become defensive and less productive.
  • You asked for suggestions concerning the department's productivity report.
  • As you know, sales have dropped in some areas. I believe this change has to do with the timeliness and quality of our presentations.
  • Last year we received several complaints concerning our health benefits.


  • affecting my department
  • am writing to express concern
  • anxiety about the proposed
  • as you explained
  • asked for suggestions concerning
  • at the last staff meeting
  • becoming too restrictive
  • believe this has to do with
  • company morale is suffering
  • could not trace
  • deserve more flexibility
  • did little to assuage their fears
  • fear these divisions will continue
  • have an idea
  • if the merger fails to materialize
  • in my opinion it would be good to
  • is still functioning erratically
  • maintain their current feelings of alienation
  • may not be affected directly
  • over the new management policy
  • presentation time and quality
  • received several product complaints
  • rumors are creating a schism between
  • sales have dropped in some areas
  • strongly believe that

2. State your suggestion to correct the problem or improve the situation. Include specific details.


  • It might be helpful to meet the issue head on. I suggest that management hold a meeting where employees could pose questions and give their input.
  • I suggest we retain employee reviews, but at longer intervals--possibly monthly instead of weekly. In addition, I suggest employee and departmental incentives that would encourage productivity as well as teamwork.
  • In my opinion the report was well done. It gives a comprehensive look at the department, and I am sure management will be pleased with it. My only suggestion would be to include employee attendance statistics, which may be a good indicator of individual productivity.
  • I have an idea to increase sales that I have taken the liberty to explain on the attached sheet. Please review it to see whether it is feasible. I think my suggestion would make our job easier, reduce presentation time, and ensure quality presentations.
  • I suggest we stamp the date next to the packer's initials on each item. In addition to preventing more complaints this year, this practice would help with our record keeping.


  • am confident it would improve team morale
  • besides preventing similar complaints from
  • encourage employee productivity
  • fits the standard of quality we desire
  • gives a comprehensive look at
  • in addition to what has been done
  • in my opinion it would be helpful
  • maintaining employee reviews would
  • may I make a suggestion that we
  • may be a good indicator of
  • meet the issue head on
  • might be helpful if we were to
  • monthly meetings instead of weekly
  • my only suggestions are
  • omit the section which ranks
  • questions can be posed and answered
  • rather than putting employees on the defensive
  • reduce presentation time from
  • report is well done, but
  • suggest departmental incentives for
  • suggest we revise the current policy to read
  • sure management will be pleased if
  • too subjective to give an accurate picture of
  • using videos in our presentations will
  • working together instead of competing against one another will
  • would like to suggest that

3. Close with a request for feedback and, if appropriate, a meeting to discuss the idea.


  • I think I speak for all managers when I say that our first concern is producing quality work for our clients. For that to happen, we must have good employee morale. I hope you will give my suggestions serious consideration.
  • I know there would be problems with such a meeting. But I feel that the potential benefits outweigh them. I will look forward to your response.
  • I would really like to take a few minutes in a brief meeting to explain it further.
  • I am sure you are already aware of the problem, but I wanted to let you know of my concern and interest in improving the situation. I want to help if I can. Please let me know what I can do.
  • I believe it would be worthwhile to schedule a brief meeting to see how others feel about this change.
  • I would appreciate the chance to introduce this subject in a meeting.
  • Do you agree that this might solve the problem?
  • What do you think of my idea? I hope I am not overstepping my authority.
  • I will appreciate your considering the idea. I really do think it would solve the problem.


  • am sure you are aware of the problem
  • bring this situation to light
  • chance to let others understand
  • do you agree that
  • eager for this to happen
  • employee morale is crucial if
  • finding the best solution to the problem is
  • gain the support of
  • having the subject in an open forum
  • hope you will give the above suggestions further consideration
  • hope I am not overstepping my authority
  • hope to hear from you soon on the matter
  • interest in improving the situation
  • know there are problems with
  • look forward to your response to
  • meet with others when
  • only to offer my help
  • potential benefits outweigh
  • present employees' opinions
  • quality work for our clients will
  • really need some discussion on
  • regarding this situation
  • should be weighed against
  • think I speak for all employees
  • this might solve the problem
  • time to explain more fully
  • time to discuss the ramifications
  • wanted to let you know of my concern
  • what do you think of the idea
  • will give my suggestions serious consideration
  • will be supportive of your decision
  • would only take a few minutes
  • would appreciate your comments and suggestions

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