Suggest a Change In a Contract or Agreement | Letter-Writing Guide


Remember that most parts of an agreement are not set in stone. Don't hesitate to negotiate for better terms if you feel you need them. Keep the tone of this letter positive. A negative tone will work against your suggestion.


1. Explain your reason for wanting to make a change in the agreement. Be specific and give details.

  • Your proposed contract looks great, with the exception of the payment schedule. As it is, I would end up paying 75% of the total cost when the job would be only 25% completed.
  • As you know, I am extremely interested in renting your room. Unfortunately, I will not be able to move in until February, a full month after you hoped to sign the contract.
  • So there is no chance of a future misunderstanding, it would be a good idea to make the contract more specific. I hesitate to sign it until it states that services will be rendered only during the upcoming fiscal year.
  • I have looked over your terms, and I believe we can satisfy most of them; however, the increased demand this season has delayed an occasional delivery. Since I cannot predict how the current rush will affect your order, I am reluctant to promise the product within the usual three weeks.
  • I just received my teaching contract for the upcoming semester and it looks good, except for the salary. I believe that the salary amount on this contract is for undergraduate teaching aides. I am currently a graduate student, which I understand increases the base salary.
  • agreements such as our proposed contract
  • am extremely interested in
  • as it stands it will be
  • as you know, we initially discussed
  • believe we can satisfy most of them
  • can almost always guarantee delivery by
  • clearly understand what is expected
  • current rush will affect your order
  • delayed an occasional delivery
  • experience has taught me that
  • have read your proposed agreement with
  • have looked over your terms
  • hesitate to sign because
  • hoped to sign the contract by
  • in four to six weeks at the latest
  • increased demand this season
  • is responsible for services rendered
  • making sure both parties are
  • must be very specific about
  • only during the next fiscal year
  • only part that causes me concern is
  • otherwise, problems may arise
  • reluctant to promise the product by
  • renting the apartment for
  • since I cannot predict when
  • the payment schedule needs to be
  • the time frame needs to be
  • think it has merit, especially if
  • will not be able to move in until
  • with the exception of
  • within the usual time frame
  • without a clause stating that
  • your proposed contract looks

2. Give your suggestion for a change. If possible, offer an incentive for the reader to accept your suggestion.

  • I would feel more comfortable with the following payment schedule:
    on agreement 30% ($3,000)
    in one month 20% ($2,000)
    in two months 20% ($2,000)
    on closing 30% ($3,000)
  • However, a friend of mine needs a place to stay during January. With your approval, he could take the room for January, and I could take it starting the first of February. This arrangement would keep the room occupied and eliminate the need to search for a tenant.
  • Would it be possible to add such a clause to the agreement?
  • Although in all probability you will still receive the product within three weeks, I would feel more comfortable if we extended the date on the contract to five weeks.
  • I hope my information is correct and that you can change the amount.
  • can change the amount to
  • workers need housing for
  • discuss the details regarding
  • here is the payment schedule for
  • I suggest that we not delay any longer because
  • hope my information is correct
  • if you have no objections
  • if we extended the date on the contract to
  • in all probability we will
  • just in case we are unable to
  • just to be sure that we understand that
  • such a clause to the agreement
  • will not have to search for
  • will still have the product
  • within that time frame
  • would it be possible to add
  • would feel more comfortable if
  • would feel better about
  • would like to suggest that

3. Request a response and indicate what action you will take in turn.

  • If you agree to the above payment schedule, please send me a revised contract. I will sign the new version and return it to you with the first payment of $3,000.
  • If this arrangement is satisfactory, please let me know, and I will arrange a meeting for the three of us.
  • If so, please return a revised version of the contract to me, and I will gladly send it to management with my signature. Otherwise, let's arrange a meeting to discuss the agreement further.
  • I am eager to make a mutually satisfactory agreement. Let me know if this change would be suitable to you.
  • Please let me know whether my understanding is correct. If questions remain, I would welcome an opportunity to speak with you personally.
  • am eager to make the agreement
  • discuss the agreement further
  • if questions remain after
  • if this arrangement is satisfactory
  • if you agree we would like to
  • inform me if this change is
  • let us arrange a meeting to
  • my revised payment schedule is
  • please let me know whether
  • return a revised version to
  • send me a revised contract to
  • speak with you personally about
  • whether my understanding is correct
  • will sign the contract regarding
  • will gladly send it to management
  • with the three of us
  • would be suitable to you
  • would be satisfactory to you
  • would welcome an opportunity to

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