Offer Sympathy For the Death of a Business Associate — Letter-Writing Tutorial


A letter offering sympathy for the death of a business associate respectfully acknowledges the reader's misfortune while offering comfort and support. Be brief, honest, and sincere as you write the message by hand, using personal stationery. Never include business details like benefits or distributions in a sympathy letter. Reserve these matters for another time.


1. Express your sympathy briefly.


  • It is with great sadness that we learned of John's passing.
  • I was devastated to hear of Jane's death.
  • Please know that the Doe family extends its most heartfelt sympathies on the death of your beloved husband.
  • We received the tragic news of your loss with deep sorrow.
  • I was stunned yesterday to learn of Jane's untimely passing.
  • It was with sincere regret and surprise that I read of John's passing in this morning's paper.
  • Your great loss has saddened me and my staff.
  • Your loss has stunned and saddened all of us here at Doe's.


  • associates and I wish to extend our deepest sympathy
  • been shaken by the news of the accident
  • extend our most heartfelt sympathies
  • extend our deepest sympathy to you
  • has stunned and saddened all of us
  • has saddened me and my staff.
  • is with great sadness that we learned
  • of the passing of
  • please accept my deepest sympathy
  • please accept our condolences
  • please accept my sincere condolences
  • sincerest sympathy to you and your associates
  • so sorry to learn
  • staff and I were saddened to hear
  • the news of your tragic loss
  • was with sincere regret and surprise that I read
  • was deeply moved by the news
  • was shocked and distressed to hear
  • with great personal sorrow
  • with deep sorrow we have received the news

2. Recall the achievements or character of the deceased, or a particularly positive episode in your relations with him or her.


  • His colleagues held him in high esteem for his loyalty and personal integrity. He demonstrated the kind of motivation and leadership all of us on his staff greatly admired.
  • Over the years she became my mentor, offering guidance, inspiration, and encouragement. She was a great example to us all.
  • He was an outstanding administrator, and all those fortunate enough to have worked with him genuinely appreciated him.
  • Just as John bequeathed everlasting love to you, he has also left a tradition of professionalism at Doe Corporation.
  • What started many years ago as a business relationship between Jane and me soon blossomed into a warm friendship. I feel truly blessed to have known her so well.
  • I had lunch with John only last Tuesday, and we had a great time reminiscing over our time at the condo last summer. I will sorely miss his friendship.
  • Although he was among the very best we have known, John's value to us as an employee far exceeded his expertise as a programmer.


  • a fine person to do business with
  • admired for her loyalty and personal integrity
  • all her co-workers loved her
  • all had the greatest respect for
  • always put customers first
  • as a member of our profession
  • earned everyone's respect
  • feel fortunate to have known him
  • genuinely admired by all those who worked with her
  • great example to us all
  • great business associate
  • has been my mentor over the years
  • has served us well
  • high regard in which he was held by all who knew him
  • left a legacy of professionalism for us
  • made a friend of everyone he met
  • motivation and leadership
  • offered us inspiration and encouragement
  • relationship blossomed into a warm friendship over the years
  • the community is richer for having known
  • value to us far exceeded his expertise as a
  • was far more to me than a business associate
  • was held in very high esteem by all his colleagues
  • was a shining example to us all
  • was an outstanding
  • was a wonderful friend as well as coworker
  • was well respected among her colleagues
  • will all remember her for her
  • will be sorely missed
  • worked together here for many years

3. Offer further condolences or support.


  • Please accept our deepest sympathies for the loss of a great man. We will dearly miss him.
  • We framed his latest photo and hung it in one of our conference rooms as a memorial to John's character and leadership.
  • Mrs. Doe, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Everyone in our company joins in this expression of deep sympathy.
  • We are sorry for the loss, but we are thankful for his example of devotion to family and dedication to hard work.
  • I share your loss and extend my heartfelt sympathy.
  • My staff and I extend our deepest sympathy. Please call on us if we can help as you plan for the future.
  • We will always remember John as a valuable employee and an outstanding individual. We hope these thoughts can add a measure of comfort for you during this difficult time.


  • be assured of my availability
  • best wishes and thoughts
  • call on us if we can be of service
  • extend our deepest sympathy
  • hard to imagine the world without him
  • hard to say goodbye to someone I have worked with for so long
  • have hung his photo in our conference room as a memorial
  • have taken up a collection for a memorial
  • hope the support of your family and friends
  • hope the many memories you shared will ease your pain
  • know that we too will miss her
  • may a lifetime of wonderful memories give you strength
  • only a phone call away
  • passing will be mourned
  • please do not hesitate to contact us
  • thanks for sharing him with us
  • thoughts are with you
  • thoughts and prayers are with you
  • will be dearly missed
  • will never forget

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