Thank Someone For Media Exposure | Letter-Writing Guide


Bear in mind that this letter may appear on a bulletin board for many to see. Your "thank you" should be all-inclusive so that each person involved will feel appreciated. A prompt expression of thanks will communicate your sincerity.


1. State what you are thanking the reader for.

  • Thank you so much for the Friday evening coverage you gave our forthcoming festival.
  • We were delighted to hear our firm mentioned in such a positive way on your newscast on November 21.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to read your column about my students' community cleanup project.
  • You have restored my faith in the news media! It was refreshing to read your common sense commentary on our community bond issue.
  • Thank you for calling attention to our biology teacher's award in your column last Saturday.
  • appreciate your mentioning our
  • appreciate your informative article about
  • coverage has benefited
  • enjoyed reading about
  • for calling attention to
  • for the coverage of
  • for including our
  • have received many positive comments about
  • how much we appreciated
  • in such a positive way
  • nice to know that
  • our efforts are being noticed
  • positive tone of your
  • thank you for
  • want you to know
  • was a joy working with your
  • was pleasantly surprised to read your
  • was refreshing to read
  • were initially wary about
  • were pleased with your report
  • your accurate and comprehensive report on
  • your clever analysis of
  • your responsible handling of

2. Comment briefly on the issue and mention the quality and/or value of the media exposure.

  • We are excited about the prospect of this event becoming an annual affair. Your report will certainly help.
  • We have worked hard to make our herbs and spices the finest available, and it is good to hear that others recognize their quality.
  • This recognition means a great deal to all of us, especially to those who worked behind the scenes for so many hours.
  • Your series of reports on student activities has been a significant factor in lifting morale and encouraging community service.
  • These issues often get confused by all the political rhetoric, but your insightful explanation was a great help to scores of voters.
  • The award means a great deal to teachers, and we are grateful that you are willing to give them public recognition.
  • accomplished a great deal
  • appreciate your insight
  • explanation was insightful
  • generated an influx of
  • giving this public recognition to
  • good to hear that others realize
  • grateful that you were willing to
  • has been a significant factor in
  • has lifted morale among
  • has been invaluable in
  • has only benefited
  • have worked so hard to
  • helped to spread the word about
  • joins me in confirming the value of
  • such comprehensive coverage of
  • the care and competence with which you
  • this recognition means a great deal
  • was of great help to
  • will help the community to
  • will now recognize the value of
  • your report will certainly help us to

3. Close with an expression of good will.

  • We hope we will be able to provide you with more newsworthy events.
  • We sincerely appreciate your excellent coverage of this and other business topics.
  • We feel that your journalistic work is in the best tradition. Thanks again.
  • Our office appreciates your clear and accurate reporting.
  • We continue to appreciate your concern for public education.
  • applaud your journalistic skill
  • appreciate your objectivity
  • appreciate the fair and accurate reporting
  • appreciate your excellent coverage of
  • can only welcome future contact with
  • continue to appreciate
  • deserve a great deal of credit
  • excellent coverage on this and other
  • expedite our efforts to
  • express my appreciation
  • express our good wishes
  • feel that your journalistic work is
  • has been the impetus for
  • hope we will be able to
  • in the best tradition of
  • keep up the good work
  • know we can be comfortable with
  • look forward to future dealings with
  • media services like you
  • provide you with more good news
  • publicizing worthwhile events
  • thank you for
  • thank you so much for
  • the concern you show for
  • valuable service to the community
  • will inform you of future developments

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