Thank Someone For Information | Letter-Writing Guide


Sending a note of thanks is a courtesy that can pay dividends in good will. Make the letter brief and sincere. Offer to reciprocate if you are ready to do so.


1. Express thanks for the information received.

  • Thank you for sending me the statistics on employee use of our health care program. I sincerely appreciate your efforts.
  • Please accept my sincerest thanks for the information you provided for my annual report.
  • Thank you for sending us a copy of the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Thank you very much for your letter evaluating John Doe's performance as a district manager.
  • I just read your memo on the performance of our laser printers. Thanks for the information.
  • Thank you for the information you provided for our new marketing campaign.
  • for your comments regarding
  • for sending the information
  • for sending us a copy of
  • for your input
  • for the information you provided
  • for the comprehensive report on
  • for the background information on
  • for all your help
  • gave me everything I needed to
  • has been most helpful
  • how much I appreciate
  • recognize the effort which you
  • sincerely appreciate your
  • thank you for
  • the time and effort you put into
  • was a great help
  • was glad to receive
  • was thoughtful of you to
  • was highly informative
  • your insights on
  • your evaluation of

2. Tell the reader how the information has helped or will benefit you.

  • The data gave me everything I will need to prepare a report for our next board meeting. Your help has saved me many hours of data collection.
  • I appreciate the time and effort that went into collating the information. Now I can display it all on easy-to-read graphs.
  • If I had not received that information from you before the meeting, I would not have been prepared to defend our position.
  • Decision making is a lot easier when we have good information to go on. As usual, I can count on you to deliver.
  • The information could not have been timelier because we will soon be purchasing several new printers.
  • Your information arrived promptly, and I am glad to say it contains exactly what I need.
  • a much clearer picture of
  • are indicative of the quality of
  • because of the data you provided
  • can now display it on
  • can always count on you to
  • could not have been more
  • enhanced the quality of our
  • gave me a much more accurate picture of
  • has helped to ensure that
  • has proved most valuable
  • has saved me many hours of
  • if I had not received that information from you
  • is exactly what I needed
  • saved me many hours of
  • shed a great deal of light on
  • thanks to the information you provided
  • will be able to incorporate
  • will expedite our efforts
  • will help to solve this
  • will help us to
  • would not have been prepared to

3. Close with a positive comment. If you are in a position to do so, offer to return the courtesy in some way.

  • Thank you very much for the information.
  • I sincerely appreciate your help.
  • If I can ever return the favor, don't hesitate to ask.
  • Please let me know if I can return the favor.
  • If you should ever need help from my office, rest assured that we will respond promptly.
  • It is a pleasure to work with you. I will be happy to reciprocate the kindness.
  • Let me know if I can help you with your part of the project.
  • appear to share an interest in
  • appreciate your cooperation
  • as a token of our appreciation
  • assist you in the future
  • behind you all the way
  • can be of any assistance to you
  • enclosed is a copy of the
  • happy to return the favor
  • if I can return the favor
  • if I can offer assistance
  • in whatever way I can
  • is a pleasure to work with you
  • pleased to be of assistance
  • share the insights we gained from
  • the friendly interest you have shown in
  • will send you a copy of our
  • work together in the future
  • would be delighted to
  • would be happy to share
  • would be happy to reciprocate

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