Thank Someone For Goods or Materials Received — Letter-Writing Tutorial


This brief letter is a courteous way of confirming that you received what the reader sent. If everything is in order, the message should be short and to the point.


1. Thank the sender for whatever you received and indicate how the goods or materials will be used.


  • Thank you for the samples that you sent on June 1. We will send you a complete report after we have tested them.
  • Please disregard my last letter. Your nursery shipment arrived today in good condition. We plan to have all of the stock planted within the week.
  • Thanks for your prompt attention to my last request. I received my bonus cosmetics in the mail this morning. I look forward to using them in a demonstration on the weekend.
  • Thank you for the materials you sent with your last letter. They will be helpful as I begin to write our company's history.
  • I received the crystal by special delivery yesterday. Everything was in order, thanks to your expert packaging. We look forward to years of enjoyment of these pieces.


  • am eager to use the
  • am eager to try out the
  • am grateful for your donation of
  • appreciate your sending the
  • everything arrived in good condition
  • everything was in order
  • for your prompt attention to
  • for sending me the
  • look forward to
  • received the materials you sent
  • sincerely appreciate your sending the
  • thank you for
  • to ordering from you again
  • to using our new
  • was pleased to receive your shipment
  • will help my customers to
  • will be most helpful as we
  • will put them to good use
  • years of enjoyment of
  • your shipment arrived today

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