Thank Someone For an Appointment, Interview, or Meeting | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter should be simple, short, and sincere. Though short, a well written letter can go far in showing competence, good manners, interest, and enthusiasm.


1. Express appreciation for the opportunity that you had to meet with the reader.

  • It was a pleasure meeting with you last Wednesday to discuss your insurance needs.
  • Thank you for taking the time to clarify some of the issues we are facing with the reduction in force.
  • My interview with you yesterday was truly enjoyable. Thank you for taking the time to help me with the company news release.
  • Thanks so much for the opportunity to show you our latest line of women's apparel.
  • I enjoyed meeting with you and explaining our plans for the new addition.
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet with you and members of your faculty.
  • Thank you for the interview today. I continue to be impressed with your company.
  • for allowing me to present
  • for taking the time to
  • for inviting me to
  • for meeting with me to
  • for giving me the opportunity to
  • for your interest in
  • for considering me
  • grateful for your insight into
  • have always wanted to learn more about
  • hope our interview was as enjoyable for you as
  • how much I appreciate your
  • it was a pleasure to
  • made time during your busy day to
  • means a great deal to me
  • thank you for
  • thoroughly enjoyed meeting you
  • to discuss your
  • to evaluate my
  • to clarify some of the issues
  • to meet with you and
  • was very impressed with
  • your showing me around
  • your taking the time to

2. Add follow-up information and/or reconfirm your interest.

  • I believe we have come up with an insurance plan that will provide adequate coverage for your family, yet save you money compared with your present plan.
  • I was glad to learn that our division will not be affected. This good news will lift morale.
  • We will publish the newsletter on the first Friday of each month. We are excited about the prospect of getting more people involved.
  • We will begin to ship the fall line in July, so you should have ample time to make necessary arrangements. We are very pleased that you have chosen Doe Apparel.
  • If all goes well, we will be asking for bids on the construction in early January.
  • The discussion brought out many concerns of which the administration was unaware. We will consider all of these concerns in future deliberations.
  • I appreciate your consideration of my application to become a representative for the Western region.
  • after I had time to
  • after you've completed your review of
  • am confident that
  • am anxious to contribute to the success of
  • appreciate your consideration of
  • appreciated your candid answers to
  • are enclosed, as you requested
  • as you explained
  • as I mentioned
  • believe we have come up with
  • came away with a vision of
  • could save you money by
  • discussion highlighted some of the
  • eager to offer my services
  • excited about the prospects of
  • found our conversation most enlightening
  • have enclosed copies of
  • help in any way I can
  • hope this additional information will be helpful
  • neglected to mention that
  • please keep me in mind
  • should have ample time to
  • since our conversation
  • use my expertise to
  • which may suit your needs
  • will talk again after
  • will help us to evaluate
  • wish to become part of

3. Close with either an expression of thanks or an indication of you intention to continue contact.

  • I will be in touch with you as soon as the final policy is approved.
  • With your permission, I hope to include a brief message from you in each of our issues.
  • I will check with you next Friday to see whether you have made your decision about the position. If you have further questions, please call me at 555-5555.
  • I will be glad to show you a copy of our plans when they arrive from the architect.
  • You should receive a report from the curriculum council before winter semester.
  • I will call next week to see when the next qualifying test will be given. I look forward to the possibility of serving on your task force.
  • as we agreed, I will call you
  • don't hesitate to contact me if
  • feel free to contact me if
  • for considering me
  • for your courtesy and interest
  • for giving me the opportunity to
  • for the hospitality you showed me
  • happy to supply any further information
  • if I can assist you in any way
  • if you need any assistance
  • if you have further questions
  • let me know if
  • let me know of any changes
  • look forward to
  • please inform me if
  • should receive a report
  • so we can discuss our options
  • thank you for
  • to meeting with you again
  • to talking with you again
  • to hearing from you
  • to seeing you again
  • to exploring the possibilities
  • to inform you of our progress
  • was a pleasure to meet you
  • will let you know about
  • will keep you abreast of
  • with your permission
  • would be glad to show you

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