Thank a Customer or Client — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Expressing sincere appreciation for the customer's business is the major purpose of this letter, but you may also include some information that you want the customer to have, or a request for information that you need. A personal touch will add credibility to your expression of thanks.


1. Express specific thanks.


  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet with you last week to discuss future contracts.
  • We appreciate the kindness you showed to John Doe's family when they visited your plant on Monday.
  • We at Doe International want you to know that we appreciate your business and will continue to do everything we can to meet your personal and professional needs.
  • Thanks for recommending our service to your affiliate in Springfield. It means a lot when a respected client gives us a vote of confidence.
  • Thank you for ordering 20 copies of our latest handbook on outdoor survival.
  • Thank you for the confidence you placed in us by inviting us to handle your advertising campaign.
  • Thank you for opening an account with Doe Seed and Feed. We are eager to serve your needs at home and on the farm.


  • appreciate your business
  • appreciate your opening an account with
  • appreciate your patronage
  • customers like you
  • delighted that you have chosen us
  • for your recent order
  • for recommending our services to
  • for inviting us to bid on
  • for your gracious recommendation
  • grateful for the opportunity to serve you
  • greatly appreciate your patience
  • have always been a terrific customer
  • how much we appreciate
  • is always our pleasure to
  • is so gratifying to learn that
  • means a great deal to us
  • pleased that you have selected our firm to
  • thank you for
  • want to thank a great customer for
  • want you to know
  • wish all our customers could be like you

2. Continue with additional explanations, questions, or requests.


  • As soon as our lawyer completes the paper work, we will set up another meeting to discuss the subcontractors who will be involved.
  • After the tour Mrs. Doe expressed her pleasure at your kindness and hospitality. She was excited to see firsthand the security measures that you employ.
  • We are delighted that you have chosen to do business with us and look forward to many more years of mutual benefit.
  • Some of the items your affiliate requested are on back order, but we will send them as soon as they become available, in two to four weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding and for the opportunity to serve you.
  • We cannot fill your order until we know whether you want the book in hardback or paperback. Please phone us at 555-5555 and leave that information with Jane.
  • One point that remained undecided was whether we should use local actors for the outdoor scenes. I would like to meet with you at your convenience to make that decision.
  • We are offering clock radios to all who open new accounts in May. You are welcome to stop by and pick up yours.


  • are our greatest asset
  • as soon as the goods arrive from
  • can offer you a choice of
  • continue to seek better ways to
  • could not fill your entire order
  • delighted that you have chosen to
  • did not note your preference
  • do all we can to ensure
  • hope to be able to ship them by
  • incorporate the latest technology
  • need to make a decision about
  • our merchandise is backed by
  • please inform us when you are ready to
  • request that you fill out the enclosed
  • when the opportunity presents itself
  • whenever you have the time
  • will send them as soon as
  • will ship the items as soon as
  • will contact you as soon as
  • would like to meet with you to
  • would like to set up another meeting

3. Close with an expression of good will.


  • I look forward to starting work on the project, so you will have your new garage soon.
  • It is always a pleasure to work with people like you.
  • We hope you will feel free to use any of our services.
  • We look forward to many years of a rewarding business relationship.
  • Please accept my sincere thanks for letting us provide your office supplies.
  • Thanks for your cooperation.
  • We want you to be completely satisfied with our work.
  • Please drop in and inquire about other benefits of maintaining an account with us.


  • am eager to answer any questions
  • are glad to have you as a customer
  • are proud to be your
  • are anxious to accommodate you
  • can assure you that
  • can count on us to
  • exists to serve our customers
  • feel free to inquire about other
  • hope to exceed your expectations
  • is always a pleasure to
  • look forward to
  • mutually profitable relationship
  • mutually rewarding association
  • our policy has always been to
  • put forth our best efforts to
  • thank you for your cooperation
  • through the years
  • to your complete satisfaction
  • use any of our services
  • want you to be pleased with
  • will always have what you need
  • will do everything in our power to
  • would be pleased to

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