Thank Someone For Expressions of Sympathy | Letter-Writing Guide


Make your expression of thanks brief and sincere. This is not the time to discuss the unfortunate event in detail.


1. Express thanks for the expression of sympathy.

  • Thank you for the beautiful plant you sent while I was in the hospital. It really brightened my day.
  • Please convey my thanks to the staff for the delightful card they sent after my accident.
  • Thank you for the kind letter you sent when my mother passed away.
  • I deeply appreciate your kind expression of love and concern at this time of grief for my family.
  • Thank you for your kind expression of caring at the passing of our beloved grandmother.
  • I want to thank you for the comfort and support you have given all of us since little Jane passed away.
  • Thanks for your concern about Jane's problem.
  • am thankful for
  • am grateful for
  • appreciate your taking some of the burden off my shoulders
  • appreciate your kindness
  • appreciate your thoughtfulness
  • appreciate your caring
  • appreciate the beautiful flowers
  • brightened my day
  • cannot tell you how much
  • during this time of grief
  • for your kindness
  • for your condolences
  • for your thoughtfulness
  • for your concern
  • for the beautiful
  • for the sympathy you expressed
  • for your shoulder to lean on
  • for the helping hand you lent
  • for your kind words
  • for sharing that beautiful
  • in this time of grief
  • in my time of sadness
  • please convey my thanks to
  • thank you for
  • the concern you showed
  • want to let you know
  • was grateful to receive your
  • was especially welcome
  • your expressions of love and concern

2. If you feel comfortable doing so, comment on how helpful the reader's expression was.

  • Chrysanthemums are my favorites, and I plan to keep them close by as long a possible.
  • It meant a lot to me to read the kind expressions that each had written.
  • I know she thought very highly of you, and it was wonderful to read some of your experiences with her. The scriptural passage you quoted was especially appropriate.
  • Your caring words helped ease some of the pain. We will have many wonderful memories to nurture for years to come.
  • Since her death we have found some of her prized photographs of the two of you during your school years. We feel she would like you to have them, so we are enclosing them with this note.
  • I honestly don't know how we could have made it through the past few weeks without you and John. You were both there when we needed help the most.
  • We have been looking into several options to help her, so your words were very comforting.
  • cannot tell you how much
  • caring of good friends like you
  • couldn't have managed without
  • during the long days of convalescence
  • during this sad time
  • gave me hope and encouragement
  • have been a good friend through the years
  • helped us to cope
  • helped to soothe some of the hurt
  • helping us bear our grief
  • in whom I could confide
  • in this time of grief
  • know she thought very highly of you
  • knowing your prayers were with us
  • lifted my spirits
  • made the hurt more bearable
  • made our bereavement easier to bear
  • meant so much to
  • operation went well
  • read the kind expressions
  • seemed especially appropriate
  • such a comfort to us
  • such a beautiful expression of sympathy
  • the love and concern you expressed
  • the concern you showed
  • though things were difficult
  • was good to read some of your experiences with
  • welcomed your letter
  • when we needed help the most
  • wouldn't have known where to turn
  • your kind expressions
  • your words were very comforting

3. Close with a final word of appreciation or anticipation of future relationship.

  • Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.
  • I hope to return to work before too long.
  • We hope you will stop by when you are in town.
  • We especially appreciate the thoughtfulness of good friends at this difficult time.
  • Please accept our sincerest thanks.
  • Thank you for caring so much for a dear friend.
  • We will always be grateful.
  • After I attend the meeting in Springfield, I will let you know how things worked out.
  • appreciate your thoughtfulness
  • are learning to live with
  • can't wait to be back at
  • during this difficult time
  • for your thoughtfulness
  • for the assistance you offered
  • glad to know that I can call
  • great respect and admiration
  • hope you will stop by
  • hope to return to
  • if you ever need a shoulder to lean on
  • kind expression of sympathy
  • know I can always count on you
  • look forward to
  • means a lot to know
  • offering your condolences
  • opportunity to grow in new ways
  • sure everything will work out
  • thank you for
  • thanks again for
  • things will work out
  • to being back on my feet
  • want you to know that
  • was heartwarming to receive
  • were especially appreciated
  • were there for me
  • will take you up on your offer
  • will always be grateful

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