Transmit a Bid, Proposal, or Quotation | Letter-Writing Guide


Typically, you will send a bid, proposal, or quotation in response to a request. The transmittal letter identifies the contents of the package you sent so the receiver will know what to do with it.


1. Establish the context for your bid or proposal by discussing the invitation to which you are responding. Tell why you are sending the document.

  • On March 26, 2018, your manufacturing division invited Doe Corporation to submit a proposal designed to address waste management problems at your Springfield facility.
  • Thanks for showing us the house at 1600 Main Street in Springfield last night. Although there are some obvious problems with the place, we believe that it would be adequate for our needs, and we would like to make an offer on it.
  • We appreciated your phone call on July 5, requesting a price quote on heavy equipment. We have compiled the figures you requested, and they are itemized below.
  • Thank you for allowing us to bid on the industrial equipment listed in your solicitation letter dated March 26, 2018.
  • In response to the public notice in the Springfield Herald, dated July 5, 2018, and the specifications outlined in the bidder's package, we would like to submit a bid for the Springfield Bridge on Main Street (Project #12345).
  • according to your phone call
  • appreciate your call
  • as a possible supplier
  • at your request
  • attached proposal
  • compiled the estimated costs
  • designed to address
  • enclosed you will find a proposal
  • for your review
  • for allowing us to bid on
  • for your consideration
  • in response to your invitation to submit
  • make an offer
  • offer a quote
  • requesting a quote
  • submit a proposal
  • thank you for requesting
  • would like to make a bid
  • your solicitation letter

2. Identify the nature of the document you have sent and briefly summarize its contents.

  • We have completed our preliminary design studies and prepared the attached proposal.
  • We are pleased to submit the attached proposal outlining our solutions to your design problems.
  • Our bid for the total package is $4,500.00. Enclosed is a detailed list of required expenditures.
  • We can offer them $93,700.00 for the property.
  • Our design proposal is now ready, and we are submitting it for your consideration.
  • according to our analysis
  • are pleased to offer
  • bid is enclosed
  • break-down of the enclosed proposal
  • brief summary of
  • compiled the estimated costs
  • complete quote includes
  • completed the necessary studies
  • design proposal is ready
  • for your consideration
  • have arrived at a quote for
  • our bid includes
  • outlines our solutions
  • overview of the proposal
  • prepared the attached proposal
  • provide the following
  • quote includes the following
  • solution for your production problems
  • submit for your review
  • the total package contains

3. Discuss important questions, problems, or concerns, such as deadlines, design issues, or limitations. If you need to use persuasion to win the contract, discuss the significant advantages of your proposal.

  • We prepared this proposal according to the design specifications you provided, but some of the lighting fixtures were not included.
  • Given the current shortage of some materials, it seems to us that your proposed deadline is unrealistic, so we have included an alternative completion schedule for your review.
  • We conducted our preliminary design studies and found some problems with the specifications you provided. We believe our design will accomplish the task more efficiently and at a significantly lower cost.
  • This bid is a direct response to the specifications you supplied, and we reserve the right to adjust our bid if you find it necessary to adjust your specifications.
  • With our new equipment we can complete the project is much less time than any local competitor.
  • If you have technical questions concerning our design, please contact John Doe, our chief engineer, at 555-5555.
  • according to your specifications
  • any questions you may have
  • demands concerning time and materials
  • free from the hassles of
  • guaranteed satisfaction
  • have noted a deviation from
  • machine labor decreases the cost
  • most efficient design
  • need additional copies
  • our quality service
  • our product will meet your needs
  • our proposal will save you time and money
  • process my request
  • provide cost-efficient production
  • regarding your question about the staff
  • revisions are welcome
  • see evidence of our superior standards
  • the report attached outlines
  • unforeseen costs due to
  • within a certain time frame
  • your recommended changes

4. Indicate what action you expect the reader to take. You may give an expiration date to the proposal. You can also ask for an acknowledgment.

  • If our proposal is acceptable, we are prepared to move ahead with the project immediately.
  • If you have any questions about this proposal, we will be happy to respond. Otherwise, we await your decision.
  • Because the market is volatile right now, this bid expires in two weeks, on March 15, 2019. Please inform us of your decision on or before that date.
  • Thanks again for asking Doe Construction to offer a bid on this project. We provide a high quality product backed by 32 years of building experience in the Springfield area.
  • If the bid is acceptable, please sign this letter, make a copy for your files, and return the original to me.
  • Please fax an acknowledgment that you have received this proposal in good order to 555-5555.
  • additional information concerning
  • await your decision
  • enclosed you will find
  • enclosed proposal for your review
  • if you would like our high quality service
  • if you have any comments
  • inform us of your decision
  • look forward to your response
  • please acknowledge that you received
  • please send an acknowledgment
  • please contact us with your
  • proposal expires at the end of December
  • reply soon
  • review at your convenience
  • unfortunately, we cannot extend the deadline
  • waiting for the go-ahead from you
  • will call you next week
  • would like to hear from you
  • your signature will get the ball rolling

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