Transmit a Fax | Letter-Writing Guide


Most fax programs provide a cover sheet to identify who is sending the document and to whom it is addressed. If you choose to have your own cover sheet (letter), it will be very brief, providing only the most essential information. Set up the page in memo form.


1. Identify the person to whom you are sending the fax by name and by organizational role or department. Also identify his or her company or organization. If you don't have names, address the fax to a department. Include the fax number of the person to whom you are sending the message. Alternatively, you can use an "attention" line to route the message.

  • TO: John Doe, President
    Doe Associates
    Fax: 555-5555
  • TO: Customer Service Department
    Doe Corp
    Fax: 555-5555
  • ATTENTION: John Doe
    Doe Corp.
    Fax: 555-5555

2. Identify yourself by name, organizational role, and organization. Include phone and fax numbers, as well as your street address. Also give the date and time of your transmission if it is not otherwise provided, and indicate how many pages you are sending.

  • FROM: Eric Johnson, Vice President
    Doe Manufacturing Company
    1600 Main Street
    Springfield, Kansas 12345
    Phone: 555-5555
    Fax: 555-5555
  • DATE: August 26, 2018. 12:30 p.m.
  • NUMBER OF PAGES SENT: Cover sheet plus 2 pages

3. Provide a subject line to briefly state the purpose or focus of your communication. A functional subject line will identify the topic of the message and say something about it.

  • Subject: Correction to design specifications on contract #23456
  • Regarding: Revised bid on Smith Project
  • Subject: Information you requested on business applications software
  • Subject: Today's progress in negotiations with Doe Corporation
  • Subject: Police accident report for John Doe claim #12345

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