Transmit an Advertising Copy to a Magazine or Other Media — Letter-Writing Tutorial


The major function of this letter is to assure that the advertising copy is routed properly.


1. Identify what you have sent and the purpose of the material.


  • Enclosed is camera-ready copy for the July issue of the magazine
  • I have attached a signed contract and the art for an advertisement to be run in the next issue of the magazine
  • Will you please run the enclosed material in the May issue of the paper.
  • Enclosed is the video tape of an advertisement to be run on Channel 5, according to the schedule worked out with John Doe.
  • Enclosed is an audio tape of an advertisement to be aired on your radio station, according to the schedule you arranged for me.


  • according to the prearranged schedule
  • advertisement to be run
  • as John Doe requested
  • audio tape of an advertisement
  • camera-ready material
  • copy that you requested
  • copy for the February issue
  • documentary purposes only
  • for promotion purposes
  • here is a copy
  • interview with some
  • made for the purpose of
  • please review the attached
  • run in the next issue
  • schedule you arranged for me
  • submitted for your review
  • to be aired on your radio station
  • video tape to be considered

2. Discuss contract arrangements or other matters.


  • A signed contract is also attached.
  • A check is enclosed for $568.90, the full amount of the three-issue run of the advertisement.
  • Please bill my account.
  • I have also enclosed my signed copy of the contract prepared by your account executive, Jane Doe.
  • This work is to be billed according to the specifications of my year-long contract.


  • according to the specifications
  • bill the company's account
  • charge to account #
  • complete amount for
  • contract prepared by
  • details of the contract
  • discuss contract arrangements
  • enclosed my signed copy of
  • enclosed is a check
  • extend the deadline
  • full amount due
  • payment specifications
  • payment due by next week
  • prearranged agreement
  • renew the contract
  • send the bill to
  • signed copy of the contract
  • year-long contract

3. Explain how the reader can get further information.


  • If you have any questions or problems, please contact me or Jane Doe in the advertising department of Doe Corporation.
  • I believe everything is in order, but if you see problems, please call.
  • We are concerned about the fidelity of the colors, so we would like you to be aware of some potential problems in that regard.
  • The advertising copy may be a little controversial, so please let me know if this is going to be a problem for you.
  • My advertising director is available to answer any questions. Please contact Jane Doe at 555-5555.


  • any problems or questions
  • be aware of possible
  • call me and we will
  • contact me when
  • difficulties in processing
  • everything is in order
  • firm up details
  • handle the situation
  • have some concerns regarding
  • if you have any questions
  • if you need to make changes
  • in the event that
  • my FAX number is
  • need frequent communication for
  • please let me know if
  • questions or concerns
  • should you have any problems
  • suggest we stay in close contact
  • telephone me any time

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