Transmit a Payment — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Send this brief letter with a payment to ensure that the reader credits your account properly.


1. Use a subject line to immediately state the purpose of the letter.


  • Regarding: Payment on Account #123-1234, John Doe
  • RE: Partial payment of February invoice
  • Subject: Transmittal of Payment for Agricultural Equipment Purchased on September 8, 2001
  • Subject: Dispute payment for Invoice #1234, John Doe


  • Attn: John Doe
  • Complete Payment
  • Full Payment
  • Payment for Invoice #1234
  • Payment for March Services
  • Subject: Partial Payment and Memo

2. State your reason for writing, the amount of the payment, the date, and the bill or invoice that the payment covers.


  • Enclosed please find my check for $3,000.00. This is payment in full for janitorial services in our office building for July.
  • Attached is our check for $3,700.00 as a partial payment on our real estate contract. This amount reflects the two percent discount for payment before the first of the month.
  • The enclosed check is payment in full ($45,340.00) for the agricultural equipment we purchased on August 29, 2001 (invoice #123).
  • Attached is my check for $2,357.00, which is partial payment on invoice #12345.
  • The attached check is our final payment on loan #123.


  • advance payment
  • enclosed is a check
  • payment on fees owed
  • for invoice #555
  • for your processing
  • leaves a balance of
  • our final payment
  • payment in full
  • price we agreed to
  • should cover the balance
  • only a partial payment
  • to cover the cost of
  • to pay for last month's services
  • purchased from you
  • will reduce our balance to

3. Discuss details associated with the payment, as necessary. These details may include problems, shortages, quality concerns, or expressions of appreciation.


  • I spoke with one of your staff on the phone yesterday concerning my account. He said you had not received my payment for May. As I went through my records, I found that I had sent check #123 for $67.00 to you on April 27, but it has not cleared the bank yet. It is either in your office or lost in the mail. In the meantime, I have stopped payment on the check and I have enclosed a replacement check to bring my account up to date.
  • The attached check for $575.00 is our rent check for July, less the amount we paid for emergency plumbing repairs last month ($372.50). You will recall that we discussed the problem over the phone, and you authorized me to call the plumber and do whatever was necessary to get the toilet repaired. I have attached the itemized bill from Doe Plumbing.
  • Thank you for the prompt delivery of our new equipment. Enclosed is my payment in full for invoice #123.
  • The payment is $130.50 short because I am disputing the Doe Postal Service shipping charge of $238.00. The supervisor at the local Doe office says that the rate should only be $107.50 (see attached memo).
  • We are very happy with the new equipment. Thanks!


  • appreciate your patience
  • attached memo you sent
  • because of temporary difficulties
  • by the end of the month
  • challenging the late fee
  • does not reflect
  • if there is an error
  • memo indicating
  • never processed the check
  • plan to pay off the balance
  • should be the final payment
  • thank you for your help
  • thanks for your cooperation
  • the initial payment did not
  • this covers the last two charges
  • will find a difference

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