Welcome a New Resident to the Neighborhood — Letter-Writing Tutorial


Use welcome letters to establish a friendly relationship with new neighbors and to promote future cooperation. Introduce yourself and your family, and offer whatever specific assistance you are prepared to give.


1. Make a direct and enthusiastic welcoming statement.


  • Welcome to our neighborhood!
  • Welcome to Springfield! We hope you will find this neighborhood just as friendly and enjoyable as we have.
  • We are delighted to have you as our new neighbors!
  • We are pleased to welcome you into the neighborhood.
  • We are happy to have you here with us on Main Street. We take great pride in our neighborhood and are always glad to see new families move in.
  • Greetings, neighbor!
  • We were so happy to see the moving van pull up yesterday and start unloading.
  • Everyone in the neighborhood is excited about the new family and eager to get acquainted, so let me be the first to say "hello.."
  • We are your neighbors, the Does, and we would like to welcome you to the community. We have lived in this neighborhood for five years now. It is a fine place to live.


  • a terrific neighborhood
  • are so happy to
  • are delighted to
  • are always glad to
  • are pleased to
  • as tenants of
  • eager to get acquainted
  • everyone in the neighborhood
  • excited about the new family
  • friendly and enjoyable
  • have made a great choice
  • in our neighborhood
  • into the neighborhood
  • is one of the best places
  • is a fine place to live
  • my pleasure to welcome you to
  • see new families move in
  • take great pride in
  • to welcome you
  • to our town
  • to your new home
  • to have you with us
  • to the community
  • will find this neighborhood
  • would like to welcome you

2. Introduce yourself and your family.


  • We are your neighbors to the north, and we would like to introduce ourselves. My name is John Doe, my wife's name is Jane, and we have two boys, Eric and Fred.
  • I am an engineer at Doe Corporation and my wife teaches at the university.
  • We have lived in this neighborhood for five years now.
  • We are the Does.
  • We are the Doe family. I am John, my wife is Jane, and the boys are Eric and Fred.
  • I haven't been able to meet you yet, so I'm sending this note to introduce myself and my family. I am John Doe.
  • I am John Doe.
  • We are John and Jane Doe.
  • You have probably already met some of your other neighbors. I would like to introduce myself, too.


  • allow me to introduce
  • have lived here for
  • have lived in this neighborhood
  • am also new on the block
  • would like to introduce
  • a fine place to live
  • look forward to meeting
  • my husband's name is
  • your next door neighbors
  • my wife works at
  • our children are
  • have no doubt already met our
  • attend Springfield Elementary

3. Offer any specific assistance you are truly prepared to give.


  • We have moved several times, so we know how difficult it is to get settled in a new house. If you need help moving furniture or carrying boxes, please call. My number is 555-5555.
  • Please drop by when you have time for a chat.
  • Since the phone company has a two-month backlog on connecting residential phones, you are more than welcome to use my phone at any time.
  • My wife told me about the conversation she had with you today and about your concern regarding the moving van being delayed for another week. Please let us know if we can help out by lending you cooking utensils, bedding, or whatever else you might need until your things arrive.
  • I can't lift or move anything heavy, but I would be glad to come over and help with light cleaning for a day or two.
  • At my age, I am not very good at moving furniture, but if I can help in other ways, please let me know.
  • Please call me if I can help you find the local schools, stores, and churches. I'd be happy to give you a brief tour of the area. Please get in touch so we can arrange a convenient time.


  • are more than welcome to
  • at any time
  • avail yourselves of the
  • can help in other ways
  • can be difficult to
  • don't hesitate to
  • feel free to
  • help you with
  • if I can help you find
  • if you need help with
  • if I can help
  • if we can help out by
  • know how difficult it is to
  • local schools, stores, and churches
  • moving furniture or carrying boxes
  • my number is
  • to call on us to
  • to drop in
  • use the guest parking area
  • would be happy to
  • would be glad to

4. Express a desire for future cooperation and good relationships among neighbors.


  • Teenagers can get rather loud at times, so if my boys ever disturb you please let me know.
  • We are hosting an informal barbecue in our backyard a week from Saturday. Since many of the people in the neighborhood will be there, this might be a good opportunity for you to meet some of them. Please let us know if you can come.
  • Most of the people in the neighborhood are friendly and outgoing, so you should have no trouble getting acquainted.
  • I look forward to meeting you in person.
  • Again, we are glad to have you in the community, and we look forward to seeing you at neighborhood parties and meetings.
  • Please do not hesitate to call or drop by for a visit.
  • We have formed a neighborhood association to help us keep this area a pleasant place to live. You are welcome to attend all our meetings; we hope to see you there.


  • a good opportunity to
  • a little gathering on
  • are friendly and outgoing
  • as soon as you have the time
  • at our neighborhood association meetings
  • find your new home comfortable and enjoyable
  • get together to visit
  • have a little get together
  • hope to see you
  • if I can be of any assistance
  • join us for a
  • look forward to
  • please do not hesitate to
  • please let me know
  • pleased to have you in the community
  • should have no trouble
  • sincerely hope you will
  • stop by for a visit
  • to meeting you in person
  • to seeing you at
  • trust that you will
  • will be happy here

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