Welcome Someone into a Group, Association, Religion, or Club | Letter-Writing Guide


This letter provides you with an opportunity to help the new member feel welcome in the group, and to help him or her feel that joining was a wise decision. Maintain a tone of confidence and pride in the organization.


1. Welcome the person into the organization. If you like, mention some benefits of membership.

  • Welcome to the Doe Downtown Business Association! Since 1978 we have worked together to promote business in the downtown area and have been very successful in bringing new business into the area.
  • Your membership application has been processed, and we are glad to welcome you into the organization.
  • We always welcome new members to the club, and are pleased to have you with us. We want you to feel like a part of the group.
  • We are glad you have joined the Doe Literary Club! Every month we get together to discuss current best sellers and talk about literary issues and concerns.
  • Long ago, Jesus taught His followers that "where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:20). This is what we believe, and we welcome you into the fellowship of Doe Baptist Church.
  • Welcome to our group!
  • We are delighted to have you with us!
  • We are pleased to welcome you into the association.
  • We are happy to have you here with us! We take great pride in our church and are always glad to see new families join us.
  • Everyone in the club is so excited about the new family and is eager to get acquainted with you.
  • are delighted to
  • are always welcome
  • are always glad to
  • are happy to
  • are glad that you
  • are pleased to
  • become involved in
  • bringing new business to
  • congratulations on
  • discuss our concerns
  • eager to get acquainted with
  • get together to discuss
  • have been very successful in
  • have joined the
  • in the community
  • in the church
  • in the club
  • involved in many worthwhile activities
  • join with us in
  • membership application has been
  • on behalf of
  • take great pride in
  • the fellowship of
  • to have you with us
  • want you to feel at home
  • welcome to the
  • welcome you into
  • work throughout the year to
  • worked together to
  • would like to welcome you
  • your induction into

2. Offer specific, immediate assistance or help in becoming better acquainted with the organization.

  • The orientation meeting you attended was designed to help you become acquainted with the organization, but if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • If you have any questions, please call me or any other member of the group.
  • You may still have a few questions about how the club works. Enclosed is a copy of the bylaws and a pamphlet providing detailed information about the organization's services and activities.
  • As pastor, I am always available to the members. In addition, I have assigned a couple from the congregation to help you get acquainted with the church. They will call on you in the next few days. Feel free to call them if you have any questions.
  • a copy of the bylaws
  • about how the club works
  • after you have had a chance to
  • am always available for
  • are familiar with
  • are looking forward to
  • do not hesitate to
  • enclosed is a copy of
  • feel free to call
  • getting to know you
  • has been assigned to
  • if you have any questions
  • invite you to attend
  • invite you to participate in
  • making you a part of
  • our congregational family
  • our services and activities
  • spiritual or temporal needs
  • the orientation meeting
  • to help you get settled in
  • to help you become acquainted with
  • want you to know that
  • whenever you have any
  • will ask you to lend a hand with
  • will be calling on you
  • will provide detailed information
  • will be glad to
  • would be happy to

3. Suggest any actions the reader might take to become involved in the activities of the group as soon as possible.

  • The enclosed membership card is your key to all of the wonderful services the club provides. Use it often.
  • The Literary Club's next meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 3, at 7:00 p.m. We will be discussing Herman Melville's Moby Dick, which you can purchase at Doe's Bookstore. Please read it carefully so you will be prepared to participate fully in the discussion.
  • Several study groups are currently meeting, and you are welcome to join any that interest you. Enclosed is a schedule for the various groups.
  • We encourage all members to be involved in one or more of the standing committees. Please look over the enclosed list and join those that interest you.
  • Several families have recently joined the congregation, so we are having a church social to welcome new parishioners. This activity will be held two weeks from now on Saturday, March 3, at 7:00 pm. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you in church next Sunday.
  • are welcome to
  • attend the meeting on
  • become involved in
  • contact me if
  • encourage all members to
  • feel free to
  • hearing your ideas
  • invite you to serve on
  • is your key to
  • is scheduled for
  • look over the
  • look forward to
  • our regular meeting time is
  • participate fully in
  • seeing you in church next Sunday
  • several study groups
  • the standing committees
  • the enclosed membership card
  • the next regular meeting
  • the club provides
  • to welcome our new

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