How to Interview - Tips to Interview for a Job

by Alan Stevens, WriteExpress Staff Writer
  1. Go to the interview with twenty questions you want to ask.
    Ask them to tell you about them. The more questions you ask, the more you will be successful. The interview isn't about you. It is about them.

  2. Look around at their office.
    Make a mental list of what you see. If a guy has a huge award on his desk, ask him about it. If he is totally organized, compliment him on his organizational skills.

  3. Never fold your arms.
    Instead, mirror the interviewer. If they lean foward, you lean forward. Do whatever they do to help you build a rapport quickly.

  4. Listen.
    If you are listening carefully, you will more likely provide the right responses at the right times.

  5. Answer questions with at most three sentences.
    Say anything more and you may lose the job. Start the conversion by saying, "I think this could be a great match but I want to know more about you. Tell me about you. What did you do before you began work here?"

  6. Take notes.
    Ask a question. When they answer, write something down.

  7. Say their name.
    What is the most important word a person can hear? Their name. If you are interviewed by more than one person, write down their names. Whenever you talk to anyone, say their name.

  8. Remember it is always about your immediate supervisor's success.
    Your job is to make them look good.