4,001 letters with step-by-step guides, choice sentences and phrases

4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters

We can help you write the perfect letter in minutes!

Quickly learn how to:
  • Start your letter courteously
  • Express yourself with style
  • Say the right things
  • Sound polished and professional
  • End your letter effectively
  • ..and much, much more!

Writing a letter is a very challenging task. How many times have you delayed, revised, started and stopped, or wanted expert help? Everyone knows how to write, but only a few know how to write well.

We researched everything we could find on letter-writing and compiled more than 500 topics.

After hiring English majors, we quickly realized they lacked the real-life experience to produce quality letters so we hired an experienced staff of more than thirty professional writers and subject-matter experts who knew just what to say.

Each letter was reviewed at least twice by qualified individuals with several years of teaching and editing experience who judged each letter by dozens of linguistic rules and advanced writing guidelines, and improved their structure, grammar and punctuation.

Never Again Be At a Loss For Words

With 4,001 Business, Sales & Personal Letters, anyone can write letters in minutes. Students, especially non-English majors, who study them will improve their letter-writing skills significantly.

Want to build your own fresh letter? After finding your topic, focus on each writing step and consider preferred sentences and phrases to express every idea perfectly.

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The business side of our company uses Easy Letters to build our positive image in the world of publishing.

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Recommendation from a 12th Grade Teacher at The Woodlands School, Mississauga, Ontario:

I've recently used WriteExpress in my Grade 12 Business English class and have found the students' writing skills have improved significantly. Business English attracts students whose writing abilities are diverse.

Students who lack the requisite writing skills simply need extra help and "WriteExpress" with its digestible sentence fragments and structured approach was the answer. Students who have experienced limited success with either reading or writing skills will benefit significantly.

The results have been remarkable, to say the least! Motivation and self-esteem improved as students began to compose their letters at the computer by the end of the first lesson. The motivational aspect was evident. They looked forward to their English class and the interactive component of working on the computer.

WriteExpress is so user-friendly. Within the first class, students experienced success in creating and composing their letters. Topics covered are too numerous to mention. It is interesting and mirrors real-life situations. Several students assembled a portfolio of their letters of their own initiative for future use.

WriteExpress removes apprehension of writing letters while it guides the student, throughout the writing process. through to letter completion.

Students enjoyed their class. And why not! They were inspired. They were creating. They were experiencing success.

The sample letters serve as a 'springboard' for creativity using their own thoughts while providing a framework for structure of content.

By semesters' end, word had traveled around the school about the "new English course" as others were keen on enrolling.

I highly recommend this program!