How to Write an Acceptance Letter

Melvin Luthy
Chief Editor
  • Be gracious
    When accepting a job, promotion, appointment, public office, gift, etc.

  • Thank the person, business, organization, etc. when you begin your letter.

  • Briefly identify what it is that you are accepting.
    For example, “This is a wonderful opportunity for me, and I am happy to accept the position as associate director of sales.”

  • Thank those who have helped you, if you feel it is appropriate.

  • Restate the terms as you understand them if you are formally accepting a job position or similar assignment, including the starting date, job expectations, rate of compensation, health and dental benefits, sick and vacation days, etc.

  • Keep the tone of your letter positive if you are accepting a resignation. Do not say anything that might make you liable for legal action.

  • Thank the person for the invitation if you are accepting an invitation to a social event, and express your anticipation that the event will be a success. Clarify any details about the event, if needed, such as date or time, location, dress, etc.

  • Recheck for errors.
    For job offers and the like, the acceptance letter may become part of a company’s permanent file for you, so make sure that it is well-worded and free of embarrassing grammatical or other errors.

  • Close your letter by restating your appreciation for being offered the job, award, gift, etc.

Use an acceptance letter for accepting a job, resignation, gift, invitation, honor, and many other special situations.

Even if you have accepted verbally, it is smart to write an acceptance letter to formally accept the offer and to confirm the details.

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