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Sample Letters if You Made an Error
  1. Apologize for a defective, damaged, or incomplete product
  2. Apologize for a missed deadline
  3. Apologize for a shipping delay or error
  4. Apologize for an invoice or billing error
  5. Apologize for betrayed trust
  6. Apologize for damaged property
  7. Apologize for hurt feelings
  8. Apologize for missing an appointment
  9. Apologize for missing an event or for overlooking or forgetting someone
  10. Apologize for missing or being late to a meeting or appointment
  11. Apologize for offensive behavior
  12. Apologize for poor or inadequate service
  13. Apologize for providing incorrect or incomplete information
  14. Apologize for sending a collection letter by mistake
  15. Apologize for someone else (business)
  16. Apologize for someone else (personal)
  17. Apologize to an employee or employees
  18. Write a business apology
  19. Write a personal apology
Sample Letters if Someone Else Made an Error
  1. Complain about a billing error
  2. Complain about a faulty delivery or a shipping error
  3. Complain about an unfair insurance payment or settlement
  4. Complain about poor facilities or equipment
  5. Complain about poor service or a faulty product
  6. Complain about receiving damaged goods
  7. Confirm an error correction or revision
  8. Disagree about benefits (social security, retirement, insurance, etc.)
  9. Disagree with a bill, rent payment, or other financial issue
  10. Disagree with a subordinate, a superior, or a person in authority
  11. Inform a customer that the check you received was not signed or the payment was not in the envelope
  12. Write a disagreement letter
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