Complain About Poor Service or a Faulty Product

Sample Letter #1


Last September we purchased one of your five-gallon water distillers from your Springfield distributor, John Doe. We find now that the holding chamber has a leak where the stainless steel sections come together, and it loses water almost as fast as it distills it.

Since John Doe has moved to another state, I turn to you to honor the lifetime guarantee on this unit. I am returning this part of the distiller for a replacement. Enclosed is a copy of the warranty and my registration number. I understand that I incur no costs with this exchange. I appreciate your service.

Sample Letter #2


I have not yet received the refund of $226.98 you promised to send me two weeks ago for the faulty lawn mower. I trust this delay is just an oversight, but I need the refund immediately so I can purchase another machine.

To refresh your memory of the details of my case, I have enclosed copies of my sales receipt and the warranty card. I look forward to receiving the check soon. I need the money by next Monday.

Sample Letter #3


The CV joint you recently installed has gone bad in less than two weeks. Since I travel extensively for my work, I need that joint repaired as soon as possible. Your service manager insisted that next Friday is the earliest he can schedule the work. Given that I waited three weeks last time only to have a bad part installed, I think that scheduling the repair work within the next two days is reasonable. I trust that you will agree. I'll call this afternoon to verify the time. Thank you.

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