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  1. Announce a sales contest
  2. Contact customers with inactive accounts for sales purposes
  3. Extend an invitation to attend a trade show, seminar, or conference
  4. Extend Mother's Day or Father's Day greetings and/or announce sales or promotions for these days
  5. Follow up after a sale to thank the customer and offer service
  6. Follow up after a sales appointment or telephone conversation
  7. Follow up after a sales presentation or demonstration
  8. Follow up on a sales interview, presentation, or exhibit
  9. Follow up on a sales offer
  10. Introduce a catalog, brochure, or other sales literature
  11. Introduce a product or service
  12. Introduce gifts to customers and prospective customers
  13. Invite a customer to request a sample product or more information
  14. Invite a prospective customer to a sales appointment, presentation, or demonstration
  15. Motivate a sales force
  16. Offer a discount for early payment on products or services
  17. Promote a product by announcing a special sale or complimentary gift
  18. Resell to long-time customers
  19. Respond to a sales rejection
  20. Respond to an inquiry about products or services
  21. Sell a seminar or conference
  22. Solicit mail orders for your product
  23. Strengthen relationships with customers
  24. Welcome a new account or an account reactivation
  25. Welcome a new customer or client
  26. Welcome a potential customer or client to the area
  27. Write a sales letter
  28. Write an insurance sales letter
  29. Accessories
  30. Activities/Services
  31. Activities
  32. Arts/Environment
  33. Assistance
  34. Auto Loans
  35. Auto Services/Repairs
  36. Automobile
  37. Business Loans
  38. Catalogs/Brochures
  39. Catalogs
  40. Catering
  41. CD ROMs
  42. Cell Phones
  43. Christmas Sales
  44. Cleaning
  45. Clothing
  46. Collections
  47. Computers/Electrical
  48. Cosmetics
  49. Credit Cards
  50. Credit Unions
  51. DVDs
  52. Educational Fundraising
  53. Equipment/Merchandise
  54. Exercise/Spa
  55. Extend an Invitation to a Demonstration
  56. Extend an Invitation to Tour a Facility
  57. Extend an Offer to a Previous Customer
  58. Feedback
  59. Fitness at Clubs/Centers
  60. Flowers
  61. Follow-Up
  62. Food and Giving
  63. Food For Holidays
  64. Food
  65. Games
  66. General E-Commerce
  67. General Insurance
  68. General Sales
  69. General Subscriptions/Memberships
  70. General
  71. Hair/Shampoo
  72. Health
  73. Home Builders
  74. Home Expos
  75. Home Furnishings
  76. Home/Personal Property
  77. Home
  78. Homeless
  79. Hospital
  80. Hotels
  81. Household
  82. How to
  83. Journals
  84. Lawn and Garden
  85. Life
  86. Long Distance
  87. Magazines
  88. Materials/Aids
  89. Medical
  90. Memberships
  91. Miscellaneous Collection #1
  92. Miscellaneous Collection #2
  93. Miscellaneous Collection #3
  94. Miscellaneous Services
  95. Mortgage Loans
  96. Mortgage
  97. Music
  98. Newsletters
  99. Nutrition
  100. Offer a Discount
  101. Office
  102. Opportunities/Starting
  103. Ordering Online
  104. Personal Loans
  105. Pets
  106. Photography
  107. Planning/Costs
  108. Planning/Investing
  109. Prescriptions
  110. Professional Development
  111. Questionaire
  112. Real Estate
  113. Renter's
  114. Sales - Referrals
  115. Sales
  116. School Loans
  117. Security
  118. Services/Repairs
  119. Services
  120. Skin Care
  121. Special Lines
  122. Supplies
  123. Taxes
  124. Thanksgiving Sales
  125. Time Management
  126. Valentine's Day Sales
  127. Videos
  128. Web Design
  129. Weddings
  130. Yard

Topics Related to Sales Letters

  1. Acknowledge payment of an overdue balance
  2. Acknowledge the Return of an Item For Exchange, Refund or Credit
  3. Announce a business anniversary
  4. Announce a change in policy or fee amount
  5. Announce a change of business address
  6. Announce a new business location
  7. Announce a new business, store, or branch office
  8. Announce a new product or service
  9. Announce a price decrease
  10. Announce a price increase
  11. Answer a request for information on a product or service
  12. Apologize for an invoice or billing error
  13. Ask for an investment
  14. Change an order
  15. Complain about a delay in an order
  16. Confirm an order you have made
  17. Confirm receipt of an order from a customer
  18. Confirm the receipt of a package or other item(s)
  19. Confirm the sending of a package or other item(s)
  20. Decline orders but offer an alternate or substitute item
  21. Delegate follow-up on a complaint from a customer
  22. Follow up with a reminder
  23. Grant approval for credit
  24. Introduce a new employee
  25. Notify a customer that a shipment has been delayed or that merchandise ordered is not available
  26. Notify a shipper that an order is incomplete, incorrect or damaged; also, return unwanted or incorrect merchandise
  27. Offer a sales position to someone who has not applied for employment
  28. Offer the use of a charge account
  29. Prepare a prospective customer to receive a sales telephone call
  30. Request a discount or a complimentary product or service
  31. Request a refund or reimbursement
  32. Request a rush order
  33. Request additional money or information before you can fill an order
  34. Request an increased credit line
  35. Request estimates or bids
  36. Request information on a product or service
  37. Request samples or information about products or services
  38. Thank a business for good service, low prices, or professional courtesies
  39. Thank a customer for a payment
  40. Thank a customer for purchasing a product or service
  41. Transmit a payment
  42. Transmit a shipment of merchandise that a customer has purchased
  43. Transmit an advertising copy to a magazine or other media
  44. Transmit informational or sales literature
  45. Use a referral in a sales letter
  46. Write to former stockholders or investors
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