Introduce Gifts to Customers and Prospective Customers • Letter Examples and Guide

Copy a Letter

Example Letter #1


We were so excited about our new line of office letterhead stationery that we couldn't wait until it hits the market to get your valuable feedback. Therefore, we have enclosed a trial-size packet of the new product with your customized letterhead paper and envelopes absolutely free! I hope you will enjoy our gift and that it will help you achieve success in the new year.

Example Letter #2


To help you get acquainted with Doe's Sweet Treat, please use the enclosed coupon for a free box of caramel corn. Famous for truffles and other imported candies, Doe's now has a Springfield location at 1600 Main Street. Bring the coupon to redeem your free box of gourmet caramel corn and see what Doe's has to offer. We're sure you'll agree that when it comes to candy, Doe's is the sweet treat.

Example Letter #3


If you haven't tried a Doe Soft Pretzel yet, the time is now! When you visit our shop during April, you can trade this coupon for a yummy soft pretzel with garlic, pizza, or cinnamon-sugar flavoring. Once you have tasted our pretzels, we know you'll be back. They are definitely habit forming!

Example Letter #4


We're pleased to welcome you to Springfield's new hospital. As a doctor, you know the strain of being on call 24 hours a day. We hope the enclosed phone message pad will help you keep track of all your calls.

If you would like to find out more about our answering service, which caters specifically to the needs of the medical community, please call about our special introductory rates. We look forward to getting acquainted with you.

Letter-Writing Tips

Although this letter serves primarily to thank a customer for his or her business, it may also initiate a business relationship with a new customer or promote a new product. The letter should be brief and friendly. If you mention a product or sale, do so briefly.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 Thank the customer for past business or offer a compliment or welcome to a prospective customer as applicable. Briefly describe the gift and the reason for sending it.

Example Sentences

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