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  1. Confirm an oral agreement
  2. Confirm that you have given authorization to someone
  3. Request confirmation of an authorization to take action
  1. Acknowledge the receipt of a report, letter or other
  2. Confirm a directive or decision
  3. Confirm a transfer, promotion, or relocation assignment
  4. Confirm an appointment, meeting, or interview
  5. Confirm miscellaneous business agreements
  6. Confirm an order you have made
  7. Confirm receipt of an order from a customer
  8. Confirm the receipt of a resume, contract bid, or application (receiver's letter)
  9. Follow up after a meeting to review decisions and assignments
  10. Request confirmation of the receipt of a resume, contract bid, application, etc. (sender's letter)
  11. Schedule an appointment to interview a potential employee
  1. Confirm a telephone request to transfer money, cancel and replace a stolen credit card, or stop payment on a check
  2. Request confirmation of receipt of earlier mailings
  3. Confirm an error correction or revision
  4. Confirm the receipt of a package or other item(s)
  5. Confirm the sending of a package or other item(s)
Social or Business Events
  1. Confirm a guest's attendance at a conference or symposium (organizer's letter)
  2. Confirm a speaker's or special guest's attendance
  3. Confirm your own attendance as a speaker or special guest
  1. Confirm a reservation or registration (organizer's or accommodation provider's letter)
  2. Confirm a reservation or registration (traveler's letter)
  3. Confirm travel arrangements (arranger's letter)
  4. Confirm travel arrangements (traveler's letter)
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