Confirm an Order You Have Made • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Review what you discussed or decided when you placed the order. Repeat specific details such as time, place, amount, price, etc.
2If necessary, amend your previous agreement, and give any other pertinent instructions.
3Make arrangements to pay for the order by check, COD, money order, credit card, credit account, or other means.
4Close with a congenial expression.


In most cases, it is not necessary to confirm an order you have made; however, if you have had previous problems with a company, or if you need to alter your order, a written confirmation may help.

Example Letter #1


This letter is to confirm my telephone order of 30 dryers, catalogue #12345. Please ship 15 of the dryers to the Springfield Plant and 15 to the Middleton Plant. We must have them for a project that begins May 1. I understand that the expediting fee to guarantee delivery by that date will be $20.00. Please notify me immediately if delivery cannot be made before May 1.

Example Letter #2


This will confirm our monthly order for unbleached packing paper. As you know, our last order arrived with water damage, leaving only 75% of the paper usable. Although we have always prepaid our orders to receive a 10% discount, we ask you to allow us to pay upon receipt of the goods, so we have a chance to inspect them before paying. Under the circumstances, we request that we still receive a 10% discount for timely payment. We appreciate your willingness to be fair.

Example Letter #3


Enclosed is Doe Corporation's check for $500 as partial payment on our telephone order of May 15. You indicated that we can expect delivery within four to five weeks, at which time we will pay the remaining balance of $1,000.

We would prefer earlier delivery so please let us know if the items become available for earlier shipment.

Example Letter #4


This is to confirm my telephone order for 15 shovels at $17.50 each. I think I gave you the wrong mailing address in our telephone conversation. It should be 1600 Main Street, Springfield, Kansas 12345. Thank you for your help. It is always a pleasure doing business with you.


If necessary, amend your previous agreement, and give any other pertinent instructions.

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