Confirm an Order You Have Made • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


In most cases, it is not necessary to confirm an order you have made; however, if you have had previous problems with a company, or if you need to alter your order, a written confirmation may help.

How to write this confirmation letter:

  1. Review what you discussed or decided when you placed the order. Repeat specific details such as time, place, amount, price, etc.
  2. If necessary, amend your previous agreement, and give any other pertinent instructions.
  3. Make arrangements to pay for the order by check, COD, money order, credit card, credit account, or other means.
  4. Close with a congenial expression.

Example Letter #1


This letter is to confirm my telephone order of 30 dryers, catalogue #12345. Please ship 15 of the dryers to the Springfield Plant and 15 to the Middleton Plant. We must have them for a project that begins May 1. I understand that the expediting fee to guarantee delivery by that date will be $20.00. Please notify me immediately if delivery cannot be made before May 1.

Example Letter #2


This will confirm our monthly order for unbleached packing paper. As you know, our last order arrived with water damage, leaving only 75% of the paper usable. Although we have always prepaid our orders to receive a 10% discount, we ask you to allow us to pay upon receipt of the goods, so we have a chance to inspect them before paying. Under the circumstances, we request that we still receive a 10% discount for timely payment. We appreciate your willingness to be fair.

Example Letter #3


Enclosed is Doe Corporation's check for $500 as partial payment on our telephone order of May 15. You indicated that we can expect delivery within four to five weeks, at which time we will pay the remaining balance of $1,000.

We would prefer earlier delivery so please let us know if the items become available for earlier shipment.

Example Letter #4


This is to confirm my telephone order for 15 shovels at $17.50 each. I think I gave you the wrong mailing address in our telephone conversation. It should be 1600 Main Street, Springfield, Kansas 12345. Thank you for your help. It is always a pleasure doing business with you.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Review what you discussed or decided when you placed the order. Repeat specific details such as time, place, amount, price, etc.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • As you requested, this letter is to confirm my telephone order of June 5, for two copies of Admiral Aardvark's Awesome Avengers video. My address is 1600 Main Street, Springfield, KS 12345.
  • This letter is to confirm our May 10 order for the following items:
  • This letter will confirm Doe Printing's January 15 order for 48 reams of unbleached packing paper.
  • Enclosed is a copy of the drawing I would like made into blueprints. As I said this morning on the phone, please make the 30 blueprints on 340ICU paper and deliver them to the work site on Monday.
  • Please confirm that you received our order for 28 dryers to be delivered to 1600 Main Street. Our order was postmarked on June 5, almost three weeks ago. We customarily receive our orders from you no later than two weeks after we make them, so we felt a follow-up note was in order.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • as you requested
  • as we discussed
  • as we agreed
  • deliver them to
  • expect delivery by
  • for the following items
  • have not yet received
  • in the amount of
  • let me know whether
  • my telephone order of
  • my address is now
  • need to receive this by
  • no later than
  • order was originally placed on
  • our order was mailed on
  • please confirm that
  • the expected delivery date
  • the requested delivery date of
  • to confirm our order for
  • wish to confirm

2 If necessary, amend your previous agreement, and give any other pertinent instructions.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Please remember that we are changing our standard order for this month. Please send four compressors instead of three on this order only. Next month please return to our regular delivery of three.
  • I think I may have given you the wrong address for our office. Please mail the order to us using the address on the letterhead.
  • We will watch for your delivery on Tuesday and expect to pay $400 per compressor, as we agreed.
  • Unless we hear otherwise, we will expect the delivery to arrive at our 1600 Main Street warehouse at 8:00 a.m. on Monday. John and Jane will be there to help you unload.
  • Since this order has been so late in coming, please increase our order from 3,000 to 5,000 tongue depressors.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • complete listing follows
  • do not substitute any
  • exactly as described
  • exactly as it appears in
  • exactly as stipulated
  • if you anticipate any
  • if you are unable to
  • if at all possible
  • if they are not in stock
  • if necessary, substitute
  • in lieu of
  • is absolutely essential
  • is described as
  • must have that precise
  • note the change in
  • on this order only
  • one minor change
  • please remember that
  • please send the order by
  • preference is for
  • price is listed as
  • repeat order for
  • request that you
  • same as last month
  • ship the order before
  • this change will take effect on
  • unless we hear from you
  • using last month's catalog
  • want to clarify the
  • will proceed with
  • without any changes
  • your most recent catalog

3 Make arrangements to pay for the order by check, COD, money order, credit card, credit account, or other means.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • I have enclosed a check for the required 25% deposit, and I will pay the remainder of the bill on delivery.
  • Please ship this machinery COD.
  • My check for $2,314.78 is attached, covering the full cost of the order plus shipping charges.
  • Please bill to my Doe Supplies account #1234.
  • Please charge the order to my Doe charge account #555-5555-5555, expiration date 5/98.
  • Enclosed is a deposit check for $500. We expect delivery in about two weeks, whereupon we will pay the $1000 balance of our bill.
  • A money order covering the full amount, including specified tax and shipping charges, is attached to this letter.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • a check for the full amount of
  • as we agreed
  • as you specified
  • as our contract stipulates
  • attached money order
  • charge account number is
  • charged to my account
  • enclosed is a check for
  • have enclosed 50% of the payment
  • if the price has changed
  • kindly send the bill to
  • our billing address is
  • our tax-exempt number is
  • please refer to our purchase order number
  • please bill us
  • please send a detailed invoice to
  • please bill me or phone me collect if
  • please ship COD
  • please charge the order to
  • prefer to pay at the end of the month
  • send the bill directly to
  • should cover the full cost of
  • understand that we qualify for a discount
  • when invoicing us, please use
  • will pay the balance upon delivery
  • will pay the balance when

4 Close with a congenial expression.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • We are looking forward to receiving our shipment.
  • Thank you so much for your help.
  • We appreciate working with you, a company we have always been able to count on.
  • If you have any questions, please call me.
  • Please call if there are any problems.
  • We trust that this delay in our order is an oversight. We have always appreciated your prompt service.
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • address any questions to
  • appreciate working with you
  • enjoy doing business with you
  • for your help
  • if you anticipate
  • if you need additional information
  • if you have any questions
  • if there are any problems
  • is a pleasure to
  • look forward to
  • notify us if
  • please call me at
  • please let me know
  • receiving our shipment
  • thank you
  • thank you for
  • will be sending
  • with the shipment
  • your prompt service
  • your excellent service

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