Confirm a Telephone Request to Transfer Money, Cancel and Replace a Stolen Credit Card, or Stop Payment on a Check

Sample Letter #1

As I reported yesterday by telephone, my credit card (#555 5555 5555 5555) was stolen on June 21. The last time I used the card was on June 21, 2001, for a $35.00 purchase at the Doe store in Springfield.

I understand that this card will be canceled immediately, a new account will be opened, and another card will be sent to me at my address.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Sample Letter #2

This letter confirms our telephone conversation regarding the lost blank checks from my husband's and my joint account (#123).

I understand that as of yesterday none of the lost checks numbered 100 through 124 had been processed and that payment will be stopped on all twenty-five. It is also my understanding that we may continue to write checks against our balance to this account.

Thank you for your prompt handling of this matter.

Sample Letter #3

This is to confirm our telephone conversation yesterday regarding my individual retirement account (#12345). As I requested, please transfer the balance in this account to a twelve-month certificate of deposit.

I understand that the certificate of deposit yields five percent interest, compounded daily, and matures exactly one year from date of issuance.

Thank you.

Sample Letter #4

This letter is to confirm yesterday's telephone request that you stop payment on my check #1234 for $250.00, drawn on account #4321. Please send me written confirmation that you have processed my request. Thank you for your help.

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