Confirm the Receipt of a Package or Other Item(s)

Sample Letter #1


In reference to our discussion of January 5, the package of diskettes you sent arrived today in good condition. I have copied and quickly viewed the files, and everything seems to be in order. I'll get to work immediately. As soon as I have something to report, I'll call you at work.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help. I'm excited about this project and feel a lot of good will come from it.

Sample Letter #2


The package you sent arrived today in good condition. As always, we appreciate your thoughtfulness. We are eager to open it but will wait until the holidays. I put the package in a safe place because little John found weighing and shaking it was not enough.

We'll call you as soon as we open it. Your generosity and love for the children will always be remembered.

Sample Letter #3


The photographs arrived today and everything was in order. You were right. The photograph of the Doe family in front of the monument is worthy of a magazine cover. I will see that our art director sees it.

Thanks for going through all the trouble to mail these wonderful photos to me.

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