Confirm the Sending of a Package or Other Item(s)

Sample Letter #1


This letter is to confirm that the housing information you requested has been sent to you today via the postal service. If you do not receive the package within one week, please call me immediately. Also, please let me know if the package was delivered intact. After you have had time to review the information, I will call you to discuss matters further.

As always, I appreciate all you do and look forward to future business with you.

Sample Letter #2


The replacement parts for your train were shipped today by UPS. For an updated progress report on the whereabouts of the package, you may call at 555-5555. The confirmation number is 123. If there are any problems with the parts, please call me direct at 555-4444. Otherwise, I will call you next week to see if everything is okay.

We are happy to be of service to you and want Doe toys to always have a special place in your heart.

Sample Letter #3


Last Saturday, May 6, I mailed you a package containing some valuable family photos. I mailed them to 1600 Main Street in Springfield. I am following up because I expected to hear from you regarding the photographs. Please let me know immediately whether you have received the package, so I can trace it through the shipper, if necessary. I look forward to hearing from you.

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