Request Confirmation of an Authorization to Take Action • Letter Examples and Guide

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Example Letter #1


On August 23, 2018, you authorized me to purchase maintenance supplies for the Springfield Condominiums. I will do my best to keep written records justifying all expenditures, save all receipts, and notify you in advance of any non-routine purchases.

It would be helpful if you would confirm this authorization, so the vendors will recognize me as your agent. If you would, please sign this document, save a copy, and return the original to me at your convenience. I want everyone to feel good about the authority you've given me and will do all I can to continue to make Springfield Condominiums a great place to live.

Example Letter #2


As I understand the directives you have given me, I am authorized to:

If the other managers question my authorization, I will refer them to you. I sincerely appreciate the latitude you have given me to get the job done. I hope to justify the confidence you have placed in my abilities to improve the quality of the final product and accelerate its release.

Example Letter #3


This letter is to confirm your verbal authorization to begin work on the addition to your offices at 1600 Main Street. As I mentioned, the cost--excluding any later changes--will be $56.00 per square foot. We will use the blueprints drawn up by Doe and Associates and dated May 6, 2018. Please indicate your agreement with these terms by signing below and returning the original to my attention. We will begin once we have written authorization in hand.

Thank you for choosing us to work on this project. We are excited to start.

Example Letter #4


This letter is a follow-up to our phone conversation last Friday, March 12. I need written authorization so I can act as your representative in securing a location for a new office in this city. As we discussed last week, I will select three possible sites that you can inspect next month.

As soon as I have confirmation of our agreement, I will begin my search for an appropriate location for the new branch of the Doe Corporation. I have enjoyed our telephone discussions and look forward to meeting you and showing you around the city next month.

Letter-Writing Tips

This letter is usually a follow-up on a conversation in which you were given authority to do something, but you lack written proof of that authority. The person who gave you authority clearly has confidence in you, so your task is either to 1) request written confirmation or 2) inform the reader that your letter serves as confirmation. Use Option 1 if you need to show the authorization to a third party.

Step-by-Step Guide

1 State clearly the nature of the authorization that you understand you have received.

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2 Ask for any clarification you may need and mention any details that were not adequately discussed in your previous contact with your reader.

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