How to Write a Goodwill Letter

by WriteExpress Staff Writers
  1. Your goal is to show genuine kindness.
  2. Whether expressing approval, concern, support, gratitude, appreciation, recognition, or condolences, be sincere in your remarks. Most people can tell when you are not.
  3. Keep your letter focused on the recipient, not on yourself or your company.
  4. Do not write this letter solely for the purpose of making a sales pitch. The purpose of this letter is to spread goodwill, without promoting any hidden agenda.
  5. Keep your letter brief.
  6. Be specific when writing this letter. For example, rather than writing vague generalities about a job well done, include details that demonstrate what the person did to deserve the recognition.
  7. Try to stay away from clichés and canned expressions. Be creative.
  8. Remember, goodwill letters often come as a surprise, are greatly appreciated, and are an effective way to build relationships.