Transmit a Shipment of Merchandise That a Customer Has Purchased

Letter #1


Thank you for your order of three silk flower wreaths from Doe's Blooming Business. The wreaths should arrive within three days of your receiving this confirmation. You will find two wreaths with mauve hues and the third with copper tones, just as you specified. On the copper wreath, I took the liberty of replacing the background rhododendron with a variegated fern since the fern colors complemented the wreath much better.

If you are unsatisfied, alert me and I'll send you another one immediately. The total bill for all three wreaths is $567.98. Payment in full is due within 30 days. Thank you for your patronage. I sincerely hope you are satisfied with the products. If you are interested in swags with colors that complement your wreaths, I would be delighted to fill your order.

Letter #2


Thank you for your recent order. We are sending the three Mark Twain books you ordered by first class mail. They should arrive by next Friday. We regret that we are unable to provide you with the hardback editions; they will be out of stock for approximately three months. If the paperback editions are not acceptable, return them without payment. If they are acceptable, please remit $18.95 to the above address.

Once again, thank you for your order.

Letter #3


Thank you for your recent order of CD's. We will ship direct to you within 48 hours of the date on this letter. Ten of the 11 CD's you requested are in stock. "Crazy Cajuns" is on back order and will be sent to you in about two weeks. Please remit $124.98 by check or money order payable to DUCK SOUP RECORDS. We will bill you separately for "Crazy Cajuns." Thanks again for doing business with us. I've enclosed our most recent catalogue for your reading pleasure.

How to Write this Transmittal Letter: Expert Tips and Guidelines

Send this letter along with the customer's order to remind the reader of the product's good qualities and to promote further sales.


  1. Express appreciation for the customer's request or order, and note that you are shipping the merchandise either with the transmittal letter or separately.
  2. Summarize the contents in more detail.
  3. Explain any omissions in the shipment.
  4. Discuss payment arrangements if they have not yet been settled.
  5. Close by expressing appreciation and by soliciting future sales. Offer to correct any errors or inadvertent omissions in the order.

Write Your transmittal in Minutes: Easy Step-by-Step Guide with Sample Sentences and Phrases

1 Express appreciation for the customer's request or order, and note that you are shipping the merchandise either with the transmittal letter or separately.

Sample Sentences for Step 1

  • Thank you for your recent order from Doe's Department Store. We shipped the package today by air mail.
  • We have received your order dated August 23, and we are shipping it to your Springfield address today. Thanks for using our catalog service.
  • Enclosed in this package is the merchandise you ordered. Thank you for thinking of us.
  • We shipped your order dated July 7, today by Doe Express. We appreciate your business!
  • We shipped the sewage pumps you ordered under contract #123 by Doe Express, and they should arrive at the Springfield site no later than Thursday, July 24.

Key Phrases for Step 1

  • shipment went out today
  • appreciate your patronage
  • appreciate your choosing
  • due to arrive
  • enclosed in this package
  • included with this letter
  • will deliver your order
  • received your order
  • same day of the order
  • scheduled arrival date
  • sent it the next day
  • shipped the merchandise
  • shipped it the next day
  • should arrive early next week
  • thank you for buying from Doe's
  • thank you for your order
  • your recent order
2 Summarize the contents in more detail.

Sample Sentences for Step 2

  • We have enclosed the following items:
  • Enclosed is the model T48 that you ordered and the following accessories:
  • The shipment covers all of the items specified in the contract, including those listed below:
  • The shipment will arrive in two lots. The first includes the pump housing, while the second includes all the specified accessories and electronic gauging equipment.
  • We have filled your complete order, dated July 8, without any problems or omissions.

Key Phrases for Step 2

  • according to the contract, the shipment includes
  • another shipment will follow
  • because of a delay on the part of the manufacturer
  • enclosed are the following
  • included should be three separate parts
  • including free samples of
  • items specified in the contract
  • parts #123 and #124 will arrive Friday
  • requires some assembly
  • second shipment will complete the order
  • the following accessories
  • will deliver corrected order
  • your complete order
3 Explain any omissions in the shipment.

Sample Sentences for Step 3

  • Demand for model T48 has been very high, so it is currently on back order. We anticipate a shipment by the end of this month and we will send your order as soon as possible. If you prefer to make other arrangements, please let us know and we will return your payment.
  • Per your instructions, we have substituted blue, your second color choice, for your original selection of red.
  • Your order is complete except for the Doe Fan Motor, Stock #3K663, which is no longer being manufactured. We learned of this change after our catalog went to press and we apologize for the inconvenience. We have listed several other compatible motors in the catalog, and we can send you one immediately if you want to reorder.
  • We were unable to fill your order for a "Doe Handheld Wind Gauge, model 12," since we list no such item in our catalog. Please recheck the description and stock number. If we have what you need, we will gladly send it.
  • We do not keep the model 34 crane in stock, but rather order it directly from the manufacturing company.

Key Phrases for Step 3

  • anticipate a shipment by next week
  • apologize for the delay
  • as soon as possible
  • because of recent strikes, production has slowed down
  • currently on back order
  • expecting another shipment
  • fill your original order
  • high demand has resulted
  • if you would like to change your order
  • in place of the old model
  • instead, we can provide you with
  • sorry for the inconvenience
  • that particular product
  • unable to complete your order
  • upgraded model for just a few dollars more
  • will send your shipment as soon as possible
  • will have the factory ship directly to you
4 Discuss payment arrangements if they have not yet been settled.

Sample Sentences for Step 4

  • At your request, we have charged your Doe account $456.70 under our standard terms of 30 days from date of shipment. Cash or anticipation discounts are not allowed. All payments must be in U.S. dollars.
  • We have sent the order COD at your request.
  • We have received payment in full on check #123, which you sent with your order.
  • As I mentioned on the phone yesterday, the manufacturer of the model #23 agricultural pump recently raised the wholesale price to $2,235.00. We have charged your account the difference of $145.00.
  • You must prepay for this order before we can ship it. Please send your check or bank draft for $57,325.00 to us by certified or express mail.

Key Phrases for Step 4

  • amount agreed to
  • appreciate prompt payment
  • as agreed upon
  • bill your company account
  • charge for the full amount
  • have charged your account
  • have indicated what the balance will be
  • however you wish to settle the payment
  • must discuss the details of
  • our prior agreement concerning payment
  • payment is due in full prior to shipping
  • please send the check by certified mail
  • price quoted on the telephone
  • received your check in the mail
  • the first of the three payments of $58.00 is due
  • to complete the transaction
5 Close by expressing appreciation and by soliciting future sales. Offer to correct any errors or inadvertent omissions in the order.

Sample Sentences for Step 5

  • We have packed your order with care, but sometimes errors and omissions occur. Please check your order and let us know if it is incomplete. We are happy to make exchanges on unused or defective equipment.
  • Thanks again for your order. We hope you will think of us again when you need precision equipment.
  • We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again in the near future.
  • Remember, for top quality products and service, the name to trust is Doe.
  • In addition to the sewage pumps you ordered, we also carry a full line of water treatment equipment and products. I have enclosed a copy of our most recent catalog, and we have added your name to our mailing list.

Key Phrases for Step 5

  • any further assistance
  • appreciate your business
  • are dedicated to providing
  • correct any errors
  • customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • for top quality products
  • further business
  • hope to serve you again
  • however we may serve you
  • if you are not satisfied, please let us know
  • know that you have purchased quality products
  • look forward to serving you
  • note if there are any errors
  • please check the order for completeness
  • see you in the future
  • thank you for considering Doe Corporation
  • thank you for your patience

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