Introduce a Product or Service • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


This letter needs to communicate your product's or service's most appealing features in a short message. Use short, active sentences that are easy to read and remember. If you include a free sample or some literature, you may shorten your letter.

How to write this introduction letter:

  1. Begin with an attention-getting sentence that introduces the product or service.
  2. Explain how your product or service differs from other similar products or services.
  3. Invite the reader to respond.

Example Letter #1



The shipment has finally arrived!

Our new line of DVD players is here! You can begin ordering today.

This advanced technology has been widely publicized and we have been bombarded with inquiries. "When can we get them?" "Our customers are waiting for them."

The waiting's over. Your customers will be delighted to know that these DVD players can be in your store within days.

The enclosed literature describes all the features. Please note the following:

* (list 3-5 one-sentence primary features)

Your discount schedule is also included. Take a careful look. You'll see that by just ordering a few more players, your profit margin increases dramatically. In addition, you can also qualify for a special discount of 3% on orders placed before September 30.

Hurry and place your order today. We guarantee a 48-hour turnaround. You don't want to leave your customers out in the cold.

Example Letter #2


Delinquent Accounts Taking Too Much Of Your Time and Money?

Many corporations have discovered that in-house collections--staff, telephone calls, invoicing, collections letters--are costing them more than the effort is worth. In fact, they find that their collection department actually loses money.

Now, our professional collection agency can handle every detail of your collections and recover more money at a lower cost.

That's what we guarantee. Collections are our business. During our 20 years in the collection business, we have refined a successful system that produces exceptional results.

What's more, there is no fee for this service. We only take a percentage of what we collect. If we don't collect, we aren't paid!

Please review the list of companies that use our service. Call them and ask them about our efficiency. Their satisfaction is a better endorsement than we could ever give.

We have a special introductory offer for you. Try us out for three months at half our regular percentage rate. To receive this special price, you must mail in the enclosed card within two weeks. After October 31, this special offer will no longer be available.

Act today. We look forward to helping you collect more of the money that is owed you.

P.S. Our customers realize an average 40% increase over their own collection efforts in the first 30 days! We can do the same for you!

Example Letter #3


Last year Doe Employment Agency placed you in a sales management position and we'd like to congratulate you again on your personal achievement.

We're sure you'd like to know about an exciting development at Doe Employment Agency that can help you excel in a most difficult area of sales management ... recruiting salespeople who will succeed.

We would like to introduce the new Doe Sales Personnel Screening Service.

This unique service will screen sales trainees who have the proper attitudes and motivation for success in sales. And, because of our relationship with you, this service is discounted by one-third.

How can Doe Employment Agency do this? The answer is simple. (List benefits of your program.)

You save time and money by continuing your relationship with Doe. You no longer need to advertise for new salespeople or use other expensive placement services. And, since all applicants are screened and trained by us, you never waste time interviewing unqualified people.

We will contact you soon to discuss our new service and your sales personnel needs.

Example Letter #4


Your greeting cards will all arrive on time thanks to help from The Wishing Well! Our newest service here at Doe's Boutique combines your personal handwriting with computer technology to simplify your most cordial greetings.

Here's how we help: you provide The Wishing Well with a mailing list (containing dates of various occasions and celebrations), along with sample messages written in your own hand. At the same time, you select as many as 20 greeting-card styles from over 350 of our designs. Then relax! We'll deliver your heartfelt greetings on time. You don't need to lift a finger or give a second thought.

Leaf through the enclosed brochure for striking samples of our elegant cards. And please call us anytime at 555-5555. We're eager to help simplify your life while enriching your most treasured relationships.

Example Letter #5


Would you like to write like a professional? Are you at a loss for words when starting that important letter? Do you have an idea but the right phrases just don't come to mind? The solution to your problem is WriteExpress Software, a revolutionary breakthrough in letter writing that provides expert help, as if you had a professional writer at your side. To get the word out, we are mailing samples FREE. Just pay $9.95 for shipping and handling. Call now at 555-5555.

Example Letter #6


Doe's Carpet Cleaning now cleans draperies! We've been Springfield's favorite carpet cleaning service for over 40 years, and now we can do the same great job on your draperies. We have acquired rights to the best in-home drapery cleaning system on the market. So convenient. So fast. So Clean! So call us today for an introductory offer on an in-home drapery cleaning by Springfield's best, Doe's Carpet and Drapery Cleaning. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We are available 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday at 555-5555. Call now!

Example Letter #7


Doe's Engines now offers a heart transplant for your car! You can bring your broken car in and pick it up in two days with a rebuilt engine installed and guaranteed to run 30,000 miles or three years! This new service is very reasonably priced. Call today to get an estimate to put a new heart in your car!

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Begin with an attention-getting sentence that introduces the product or service.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • It's finally here! The Doe Electronics new Model DX-240 series receivers.
  • Would you switch coverage if you could get a better health plan and a better rate? Of course you would. Doe & Associates have a better health plan at a much better price than you are now paying.
  • The long-awaited event is here! At precisely 9:00 a.m. on August 31, the newest version of Doe Software will be available at your local computer store.
  • Was your car a different color when you first purchased it? Was it red, or dusty rose? White, or dusty gray? If you are unsure, Doe Detailing can help you remember.
  • Have you ever wished you could have a mural on that big, plain wall? If you have, Doe Creations can help.
  • Please accept a FREE issue of today's most provocative new magazine.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • a company you've come to rely on
  • a truly remarkable value
  • after the outstanding success of
  • an attractive addition to
  • can now cut your bill drastically
  • can forget worrying about
  • critics are raving about
  • for quality, you just can't beat
  • good service is essential to
  • happy to let you know that
  • has a special plan for
  • has expanded its line of services
  • has a better plan for
  • have expanded our services
  • have to see it to believe it
  • have you ever wished that
  • introduces a new line of
  • isn't it about time to
  • it's finally here
  • news to warm your
  • nobody beats our
  • take a good look at
  • the new models have arrived
  • will be thrilled to learn that

2 Explain how your product or service differs from other similar products or services.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • We are the only detailing service in the city to use a new, patented product called Doe Scrub. When you see what it does to your car, you won't believe your eyes!
  • What would you say about a magazine featuring essays by today's most important politicians? Or news from the top athletic trainers? Or life-style articles by the most up-to-date fitness experts?
  • We can save your company at least 15% on health care costs this year without giving up quality service. Plus, you can choose from a number of qualified doctors all over the state.
  • These receivers feature a new circuit board to bring you the clearest reception possible. And, the controls are designed to be modulated by feel, not sight. All this at a price that makes this our best offer ever!
  • We are the only company in the state to offer free consultation. No obligation whatsoever!
  • Our new VCRs include these convenient features:
    One-touch recording
    Program memory
    Jog shuttle
    Backup battery
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • all at a price that
  • are the only company that
  • at the lowest price possible
  • at no additional cost
  • attached brochure describes
  • can guarantee that
  • can save your company
  • don't you hate it when
  • enclosed is a copy of
  • examine our competitive rates
  • gives you better performance than
  • have enclosed our catalog
  • includes these convenient features
  • independent research shows that
  • industry authorities say
  • is totally revolutionary
  • is more efficient than
  • is clearly the leader among
  • is designed to hold
  • makes good business sense to
  • our competition hates to hear the name of
  • our name means quality
  • pride ourselves on our
  • published studies show that
  • the only one to
  • this amazing value includes
  • to our knowledge, no other
  • totally new format
  • will save you at least
  • will reshape your opinion of
  • will change everything you ever thought about
  • will outperform any
  • won't believe your eyes
  • won't have to give up quality service for

3 Invite the reader to respond.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • We would love to hear from you! Fill out the enclosed questionnaire, and we will give you a breakdown showing how much we can save your business over the next six months.
  • If you would like a free in-house demonstration, call our office and set up a time. We will gladly show you this amazing new fax machine.
  • Act now and we will send you Doe Clinic's health guide, with no obligation whatsoever!
  • We want to hear from you! Call our toll-free number between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. and tell us what you think.
  • So hurry and order your Doe printer today! Your dealer is taking orders now for the holidays. If you need the name of your nearest dealer or if you have any questions, give us a call at 555-5555.
  • We have included a brochure to answer your questions.
  • We will be in your neighborhood this week. Call us to set up an appointment, and we'll show you how you can save 20% on next year's heating bill.
  • We have included a free sample with this letter. That should be all the proof you need, but if you have questions, call us any time, day or night, at 555-5555.
  • See your local Doe Electronics dealer for a demonstration.
  • Return the enclosed card to receive a free video showing how our products compare with the competition's.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • act now, and we'll
  • and we'll throw in a
  • ask us about our
  • at a convenient time for you
  • at no additional cost
  • call us at
  • call our toll-free number
  • demonstrate this amazing
  • don't take our word for it
  • enclosed brochure explains
  • fill out the enclosed
  • for information on
  • for samples, just
  • have included a free sample
  • if you would like a free demonstration
  • if you'd like more information about
  • if you have any questions
  • just contact us at
  • just mark your choice
  • let us prove that
  • let us show you
  • no obligation whatsoever
  • return it now and receive
  • schedule a time when
  • see for yourself
  • see your local dealer
  • show you how much we can save you
  • so hurry and order your
  • special promotional offer
  • stop by our store at
  • take a closer look at
  • to see the new line of
  • to find out how
  • to see what we can work out
  • to find out about our new
  • truly remarkable value
  • will send you a free
  • will get started right away
  • will show you how much you can save
  • will be glad you did
  • will promptly mail you
  • will be in your area on
  • would be happy to
  • would love to hear from you