Letter #1


Self-employed deserve a special Health Care Policy!

To be sure, the self-employed are in a special category. You are your own boss and have to look out for yourself.

Doe Insurance has a Special Health Care Policy just for you.

You know that today's hospital costs are out of sight. The U.S. government estimates that medical expenses will increase by as much as (%) over the next few years!

If you or a loved one has been to the hospital recently, you know how expensive medical care can be. But with a Doe Insurance Policy you can you check into the hospital and concentrate on getting well, knowing your medical bills are being taken care of.

Check it out! Just return the enclosed Reply Card today. You'll have no obligation whatsoever.

Letter #2



URGENT! You may be eligible for a new, affordable health insurance package. This coverage is designed especially for self-employed individuals or employees who do not have health insurance coverage--and the rates are very competitive.

Your prompt reply is requested. Please complete the enclosed reply card and return it in the envelope provided.

Basic requirements state that you must be under age 63 and responsible for obtaining your own health insurance coverage, either because you are self-employed or because you are an employee of a business that does not provide health insurance for you.

Again, this health insurance is being offered especially for self-employed individuals or employees without health insurance.

* $2,000,000 lifetime maximum benefit per insured family member.

* Flexible plan options to match specific coverage needs.

* No restrictions on doctors, hospitals or other service providers.

Do not delay. Complete and mail the Reply Card as soon as possible. For rush processing call 555-5555.

Letter #3


A serious long-term illness could tap out your health insurance. This is a common worry among many seniors. Doe Insurance Group has a solution.

If you are at least 55, we can offer you a plan that supplements your current insurance. Here are some of the features:

*(list main features)

And this insurance costs you only pennies a day. You don't have to interrupt your present coverage; there is no waiting period, and you are guaranteed coverage for life.

Please call us today.. 555-5555.

Letter #4


The world of insurance is both complicated and competitive. My 10 years of experience have provided me with the know-how to keep your rates low and your benefits high. For example, I recently worked with two companies to cut the cost of their health insurance premiums by an average of 16%. Both were sales/service companies with 12 or fewer employees...much like your own company. Not only did they save thousands of dollars a year, but they kept the same quality of coverage.

I would like to present a simple description of this program to you. I will call next week for an appointment. I look forward to meeting with you.

Letter #5


As your anniversary date approaches for you to renew your present health insurance coverage, would you please allow me to submit a proposal?

With both optimal costs and benefits in mind, I think I can show you a Doe Insurance plan that can accomplish both.

Doe Insurance has been serving the health insurance needs of (city) companies for over 21 years. I am sure I can show you how you can save up to 20% without having to sacrifice benefits. I will contact you next week to see if we can set up a convenient appointment.

Letter #6


The challenge of providing affordable health insurance to a company like yours with less than 15 employees is completely doable. I recently worked with three companies with similar needs to cut the cost of their health insurance by an average of 18%.

Not only did they save thousands of dollars in premiums but they were able to increase the quality of their coverage.

I would like to send you an overview of this program. Just call me at 555-5555, and I'll send it immediately.

I think you will see that it really fits your needs.

Letter #7


Recently, 17-year-old Jane Doe suffered a serious injury while skiing. On a steep slope, she hit a rock and went head-first into a tree. That was over the Christmas holidays. Today Jane is still recovering and going through the long process of therapy. Her parents now face a different set of challenges. They owe more than $250,000 in medical bills and that amount increases daily. Unfortunately, the Doe family did not carry health insurance.

Don't let this be your story. Health insurance can be affordable. (Name of company) has created health plans for today's families. Our plans include:

*(list prominent features)

For more information please complete and return the enclosed card. We will send you a complete information packet to review at your leisure. Or call us at 555-5555. You can take steps today to protect you and your family.

Letter #8


You're healthy now, but what about tomorrow? Many of us make the mistake of thinking that our health today will continue on. Take steps now to protect you and your family in the event of accident or illness. Call Doe Health Insurance. We offer:

*(List prominent features of the policy)

Doe Health Insurance is affordable and can be tailored to your family's needs and budgetary concerns. We offer varying levels of deductibles, prescription cards, the ability to choose your own doctors, and much more.

I will call you next week to answer your questions. Or you can call me at 555-5555. I look forward to serving you.

Letter #9


You may never again have to fret about those medical bills Medicare leaves behind.

Now there's SENIOR BENEFIT from Doe Insurance, the Medicare supplement policy that ...

* (list 3-5 prominent benefits)

* Plus many other important benefits.

To receive your FREE Information Packet with all the details on SENIOR BENEFIT, just return the enclosed postage-free envelope. Or call toll-free 1-800-555-5555.

Stop all the worry! Send for your free Information Packet today.