Introduce a Catalog, Brochure, or Other Sales Literature

Sample Letter #1


After a long day at the office, no one feels like spending a lot of time cooking, but you can't neglect your family's nutrition! Don't despair! We have a recipe collection featuring delicious low-fat dinners that includes techniques for cooking poultry, fish, beef, breads, vegetables and desserts in less than thirty minutes. This fantastic collection is now available to you.

Enclosed you will find our "fast and light" cooking brochure and five free recipes. You will notice that each recipe card includes a beautiful color photo of the prepared dish. Each recipe is given in an easy step-by-step format to help you achieve flawless results every time. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily you can prepare a nutritious meal that your family will love.

Just look through our brochure and decide which series of recipes suits your family's taste best. Then call our toll-free number to place your order. It's that simple.

Sample Letter #2


Doe Interiors is excited to announce its newest home furnishings line. Our fall/winter catalog features five beautifully-appointed interiors that you can visit in greater Springfield. Whether you prefer the Johnson' colonial decor, done in traditional elegance, or the Luthy's lake cottage in all its rustic beauty, we think you'll agree that Doe deserves its reputation for outstanding design and quality. All of the homes featured in the brochure may be visited during the month of November. Please visit us on location or call to schedule a free in-home consultation. We'd like to see your home on the cover of our spring/summer edition.

Sample Letter #3


Buying computers and accessories can be confusing. There are so many options available at so many different prices. Which ones do you need? Which ones are worth paying more for?

We at Doe Corporation would like to introduce you to a new kind of catalog featuring full-page comparisons of different monitors, CPU's, scanners, printers and a lot more. We do not promote any particular make or model, but simply show you which products are best for your applications. Then, when you have made your own decision, we can give you the best deal available on whatever you have chosen. Just call us at 555-5555.

Sample Letter #4


Regardless of whether you are in the market for a new pneumatic system right now, the enclosed catalog is worth exploring. Filled with information about the latest developments in pneumatics, and tips on how to make your present equipment more efficient, it is bound to captivate and every pneumatic engineer who knows his or her stuff! Be sure to send in the enclosed postcard if you would like more detailed specifications for any of the systems. And when the time comes to order, it's as easy as calling 555-5555!

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