Decline Orders But Offer an Alternate or Substitute Item

Sample Letter #1

We were pleased to receive your request for our classic, windowless model of BreadMax, the most popular bread-making machine on the market. BreadMax's simplicity and large loaf size, combined with our famous service contract, have given us a reputation to be proud of--a reputation made only brighter by the recent success of BreadMax II.

With its fogless window, BreadMax II has been so favorably received that manufacture of the model you ordered--the original BreadMax--has been discontinued. While we're sorry for the inconvenience this may possibly cause you, we've found that virtually all our customers ordering by phone, when told of our recent change, have gladly opted for BreadMax II. They consider the additional $1.75 a small price to pay for the useful window feature. BreadMax II is essentially identical to our original model, differing only in its new window and a new latch design for improved insulation.

Upon your request, we will immediately process your order, substituting Bread Max II for the unavailable model. We invite you to call us any time toll-free at 555-5555 or return the enclosed verification card at your earliest convenience. Alternately, we would be happy to offer you a complete refund. We value you as a customer and look forward to hearing from you.

Sample Letter #2

Thank you for your order for a 310-lb National weight set listed at $250 in our 2006 catalog. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has discontinued this item. I am enclosing our 2002 catalog that offers a comparable set by Doe Sports for $199.50. You will find this set listed on page 59. To place an order call 555-5555 and charge it on any major credit card. We will deliver the set to your home within three days. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving all your fitness needs.

Sample Letter #3

Thank you for inquiring about the Doe Wetlands Sanitation System, the ecologically sound way to process human waste. Unfortunately, the Wetlands system will not be available for sale in this country for several more years. We do, however, sell a Swedish Compost Toilet that is a very effective mode of waste disposal.

While some Americans shy away from the compost toilet, you will find the system both practical and economical. The end product affords you nutrient-loaded soil that at the end of two years you can transfer directly to your garden to enrich your soil. If you would like to order the Compost Toilet, or receive more information about it, call 555-5555. Thank you for choosing Doe's, where ecology and practicality go hand in hand.

Sample Letter #4

We are please you have chosen to order your poinsettias from Doe Nurseries. We offer our customers the highest qualities plants at the lowest prices. However, because our reputation is well known, we have been asked to furnish 1,000 poinsettias for the Governor's reception on Saturday. This completely depletes our stock of red poinsettias. We could fill your order with 100 blush-colored poinsettias if you would like. This new color is very popular, and we would offer you a five percent discount on these poinsettias.

If you would like me to reserve 100 blush poinsettias, please call me at 555-5555. I'm sure you will find the blush poinsettias add an innovative touch to your decor.

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