Use a Referral In a Sales Letter

Example Letter #1


Knowing of your search for a service to fulfill your current needs, a colleague of yours and one of our most valued customers, (Name of Customer), suggested that we contact you and provide a description of our offerings.

Given the information communicated to us by your colleague, we are highly confident that our state-of-the-art (Type of Service) services, our insightful and accessible customer support, and our affordable rates would provide the perfect solution to your current situation. A simple glance at the impressive range of our previous and current customers will communicate the reputation and high caliber of our operation. However, we do not expect you to rely solely on the testimonies of others. Rather, we have enclosed a brochure detailing our company and the comprehensive range of our services, and we hope you will discover for yourself the match between our offerings and your needs.

If you have any questions about our services or how they could best meet your demands, I welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter with you personally; please don't hesitate to call me at any time.

Example Letter #2


Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. Last month I had the opportunity to sell a vacuum to your friend Jane. Because your new house has beautiful, new carpet throughout, she mentioned that you might also consider a new vacuum. We all know the best way to keep carpets looking new is frequent vacuuming with a quality machine.

Our vacuum is used in the finest hotels and has more suction power than any competitor's. It comes with a five-year replacement part guarantee and includes carefully designed tools to help you clean those most difficult places. But, you can't buy our vacuum in a store. Won't you call today at 555-5555 to schedule an appointment for me to show you our latest model?

Jane not only loves her new vacuum, she also appreciates our easy finance plan. She says her carpets have never looked better!

Example Letter #3


A few days ago Jane Doe mentioned that you might want advice on your corporate taxes. I have been a tax attorney in the Springfield area for over ten years and have helped many local corporations, including Doe, with tax matters and other financial planning. For your convenience I have enclosed a brochure outlining my services. I have specialized in helping corporations achieve substantial savings for their shareholders through wise tax planning. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss how your corporation could benefit from this information.

Example Letter #4


Jane Doe, your neighbor, suggested that I contact you about our new family video system. She told me that you, too, have difficulty in finding quality videos that reflect your family values. The trouble is, those videos that do reflect high values are not always of high quality in other ways, and who wants to buy a video sight unseen?

Well Doe Video Value has found a way to overcome these problems. For a nominal sum, we send you our annual catalog, with monthly updates and reviews. Every Video you choose comes on approval; if you don't choose to buy it, you return it, paying only shipping and handling and a "rental" fee. Mrs. Doe has been using our service for several months now and is very pleased with it.

If you would like to take advantage of this great new way to build up a worthwhile video collection, please return the enclosed postage-paid card. We look forward to hearing from you.

Example Letter #5


Congratulations on your sparkling new swimming pool! Are you aware that several of your neighbors, including John and Jane Doe, use our pool and spa cleaning service to keep their pools and spas as clean and clear as the day they first used them?

When you consider the costs of chemicals, as well as the labor involved in testing and vacuuming, our service is an unbeatable bargain. In fact, John says that our complete professional service costs him about the same as he used to pay neighborhood kids just to vacuum his pool.

I will be servicing pools in your area next week and will drop in to sign you up, if you like, or to answer any questions you may have.

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