Offer a Sales Position to Someone Who Has Not Applied For Employment • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


Offering a position to someone who has not applied for the job can be a sensitive task, especially if that person is already employed by someone else. This letter becomes a type of sales letter because you must convince your prospect that a position with your company would be much better than his or her current job.

How to write this sales letter:

  1. Open the letter by telling the prospect how you obtained his or her name.
  2. Invite the prospective salesperson to accept a sales position with your company.
  3. Explain why you think he or she qualifies for the job.
  4. Tell the prospective salesperson how he or she will benefit from selling your product.
  5. Discuss further contact.

Example Letter #1


Always searching for experienced talent, I attended your awards banquet Thursday evening. I would like you to consider a managerial position with Doe Corporation to help us market our newest line of computer software.

You are a natural choice for this position. You have excellent training in computers and impressive experience in sales, and you get the job done. We feel you would integrate easily in our current staff.

Because of our high volume, we can offer you better sales commissions than other software firms. With Doe Corporation, you could be making at last 20 percent more in commissions than you are in your present position. And the future looks even brighter.

Please consider this offer and call me at 555-5555.

Example Letter #2


As we have worked together over the past two years, I have been impressed with your knowledge of the industry and the congenial manner with which you treat your clients. We will soon have a special sales position available in our company, and I would like to offer it to you. It is a position that will require your knowledge and sensitivity.

In addition to a generous benefit package, including full health insurance coverage and ample vacation time, we can offer you a base salary, commissions, and bonus package that is second to none. Because our product has been around for the past one hundred years and our good name is both well known and respected, selling it is not difficult.

If you are interested, call me at 555-5555 to discuss this offer further. Since this is a sensitive subject, I would appreciate it if you would keep this offer confidential until you have made your decision. I hope to hear from you soon.

Example Letter #3


A mutual acquaintance, John Doe, mentioned that you might be interested in moving to another company. Your sales record at Doe International is impressive, and I would like to extend an offer for you to join our sales force. We are looking for someone with your management skills who could eventually step into the position of district sales manager. We can offer you a profit-sharing plan with bonuses, but more importantly, an opportunity to grow with a leader in the industry. If you are interested in discussing this possibility further, call me at 555-5555, and my secretary will schedule an appointment. Of course, I will hold all of our communications in strictest confidence.

Example Letter #4


Doe International, the Nation's Leading New Homeowner Welcoming Service, welcomes you once again to your new home and invites you to inquire about a career opportunity on our national sales force.

Earn unlimited income and meet new people while helping us continue our welcoming program in your new community. This unique career features flexible day hours, paid training bonuses, extra sales incentives, health care benefits, and auto reimbursements.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity now by calling 555-5555. Our representatives are waiting for your call.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Open the letter by telling the prospect how you obtained his or her name.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • As I discussed increasing our sales force with my associate, John Doe, he mentioned you as a possible contact.
  • I have been studying your job performance for Doe International for the past two years and I am very impressed.
  • You have become a well-known, successful negotiator here in Springfield.
  • The Doe Corporation recommended your services to us with the highest regards.
  • Our mutual friend, John Doe, recently told me about your sales skills and experience.
  • I was very impressed with your professional conduct at the national conference we both attended last month.
  • You have been one of our regular customers for two years now, and have had lots of experience with our products.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • as we discussed increasing our sales force
  • attended your presentation on
  • enjoyed your presentation at
  • have been watching your career with
  • have been a regular customer for
  • mentioned that you might be interested in
  • mentioned your name as a possible
  • mutual acquaintance has told me of your
  • recently told me about your expertise in
  • told me something of your accomplishments in
  • was very impressed by your
  • was given your name by
  • we have never met but
  • we met at the
  • you sold me a
  • you were recommended to us
  • you have become well known for
  • you have been recommended
  • your name has been mentioned most favorably by
  • your name was given to us by
  • your extensive experience with our

2 Invite the prospective salesperson to accept a sales position with your company.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Although you already work elsewhere, we at the Doe Corporation would like to bid for your services before your contract with your current employer ends.
  • I am interested in hiring you for a sales position at Doe Corporation's newest location.
  • I don't know whether you are satisfied with the job you now hold, but I am prepared to offer you an impressive position at Doe International.
  • I want to extend a job offer to you that I hope will be mutually agreeable.
  • I would be pleased to give you a management-level position as head of our sales force.
  • We want you to be one of our dealers in the Springfield area.
  • We would like others in your area to know about our services, and we think that you are the perfect person to tell them about us. Are you interested in becoming one of our representatives?
  • Because of your experience with our products, I feel you could represent our company with confidence. I wonder whether you would like to become a local Doe supplier.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • be one of our dealers in
  • become a local supplier of
  • becoming one of our representatives
  • could represent our company with confidence
  • expanding into a new area
  • extend a job offer to you
  • get in on the ground floor of our new
  • great earning potential
  • have an opening in sales
  • help us to launch our product in
  • hope this will be mutually agreeable
  • how satisfied you are with the job you now hold
  • interested in hiring you
  • interested in meeting to discuss possibilities
  • management level position as
  • may be interested in a new opportunity
  • meet to discuss our product
  • offer you an impressive position with
  • offer you new opportunities for
  • part of our exciting new distribution system
  • when your current contract ends
  • would like to bid for your services
  • would like to explore possibilities with you

3 Explain why you think he or she qualifies for the job.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • My associate tells me that you are genuine and sincere. These are the qualities that the Doe Corporation embraces.
  • With your sales skills and our knowledge of the computer industry, we are a perfect match.
  • Because you have been our customer for many years and have no doubt created numerous lovely crafts using our products, we would like you to demonstrate our handicraft products in a booth at the Springfield fair this summer.
  • We are searching for someone with mature marketing skills, and your qualifications are impressive. In addition to your business degree with an emphasis on marketing, you have been a successful marketer for ten years. You are exactly what we are looking for.
  • So often sales representatives are more concerned with making a sale than pleasing a client. That is why I'm sure your warm and friendly nature is just what our sales force needs.
  • Quite frankly, I was impressed with the way that you presented yourself at the conference. You have the charisma that every successful salesperson needs.
  • The sales market is becoming more and more saturated, and therefore more competitive. That is why we need salespeople like you who are close to the members of the community.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • according to our mutual friend
  • am informed that you
  • are looking for someone who
  • are well known for your
  • have heard that you
  • have been highly recommended for your
  • I was most impressed with your
  • just what our sales force needs
  • need someone with your qualifications
  • qualities that our corporation welcomes
  • tells me that you are
  • very competitive sales market needs someone who
  • we need salespeople who
  • with your sales skills and our
  • you have a reputation for
  • you seem uniquely qualified to
  • you have the charisma that
  • your background and approach sound similar to
  • your attention to customer satisfaction is
  • your excellent marketing skills are exactly

4 Tell the prospective salesperson how he or she will benefit from selling your product.

Sample Sentences for Step 4
  • We offer a commission-based salary, so with your sales ability, it shouldn't be hard for you to double your current income.
  • Wouldn't you like to make a little extra money each month? If you would, this is the perfect opportunity for you.
  • We offer a salary, plus commission.
  • I am willing to negotiate your annual income with you to determine a salary that is mutually agreeable.
  • In addition to a base salary and a 3% commission, we give our employees six paid holidays and twelve paid sick or vacation days per year.
  • We offer full health insurance coverage, in addition to the basic salary and commission.
  • Because we want our salespeople to succeed, we offer an end-of-the-month bonus to the salesperson who sells the most product.
  • You have been working the sales floor for many years. How would you like to have your own office and work from a desk?
Sample Phrases for Step 4
  • become associated with the finest
  • challenge is to keep up with
  • earnings package is negotiable
  • excellent benefits with full health insurance
  • find our product and back-up services to be
  • if career development is important to you
  • much more than just a job
  • offer salary plus commission
  • offer a commission-based salary
  • opportunity to grow with us
  • outstanding earning potential
  • perfect opportunity to
  • products always on the cutting edge
  • profit-sharing and bonuses
  • progress into top management
  • spend less time traveling
  • the sky is the limit on opportunities
  • unbeatable sales support
  • very lucrative for the right person
  • want our salespeople to succeed

5 Discuss further contact.

Sample Sentences for Step 5
  • Call me at 555-5555 if you are interested.
  • This could be a lifelong career opportunity. Give me a call and we'll talk about it.
  • If you want to be an area representative, please fill out the enclosed paperwork and send it to me, John Doe, at the Doe Corporation as soon as possible.
  • If you would like to get in on this excellent money-making opportunity, call my secretary at 555-5555, and she'll help you set up an interview with me.
  • I will contact you in the next week or so to discuss setting up your initial salary schedule. In the meantime, I encourage you to speak to your friends and neighbors about our extraordinary products.
Sample Phrases for Step 5
  • call me personally at
  • fill out the enclosed application
  • happy to answer any questions
  • hope you will carefully consider
  • if this appeals to you
  • if you are interested, please
  • invite you to contact
  • like to discuss this in more detail
  • my e-mail address is
  • need to set up an interview
  • please call to set up an appointment
  • please call me if you are interested
  • send me the enclosed paperwork
  • understand that you might not choose to
  • will call you early next week
  • without any obligation
  • would like to see your resume
  • would of course be confidential
  • would be glad to meet with you
  • would appreciate you spreading the word about