Sales - Referrals

Letter #1


Yours free...

... this beautiful cloth address book. My gift to you for just a minute of your time.

It's my way of saying thanks for giving me just three names of friends who may be interested in my services.

You already know the benefits of Doe Insurance. Certainly some of your friends could benefit, too.

Please jot down the names and addresses of three friends on the enclosed card. And I'll send you the handsome address book free.

(Describe the address book)

Return the postage-paid card today and I'll send your gift immediately.

I thank you--and so will your friends.

Letter #2


I can show you how to shave thousands of dollars annually off your phone service.

Just like I did for John Doe!

John was so impressed by this innovative program that he recommended that I contact you.

As a professional communications consultant, I will assess your current telephone system and propose new ways to improve your efficiency. I guarantee to cut your costs--or you pay nothing for my services.

It worked for John Doe and it will work for you. I'll contact you in the next few days to arrange an appointment to discuss this cost-efficient telephone system.