Announce a Sales Contest • Example Letters, Guides and Samples


This announcement is generally in the form of a memo, and should carry the tone of a sales pitch. It can help increase business and employee morale, especially if there can be more than one winner.

How to write this announcement letter:

  1. Announce the contest with a brief description of what the sales personnel must do, and what they can win.
  2. Explain the contest rules, including restrictions, and make the deadline clear.
  3. Add details about the prizes and encourage participation.

Example Letter #1


Anyone for a Caribbean cruise? The winner of our holiday sales contest will receive two tickets for a week-long Caribbean cruise aboard the Doe Queen. It's simple. Whoever achieves the highest sales volume between December 1 and January 2 wins the cruise with all expenses paid.

As always, our major concern is with customer satisfaction, so for the purpose of this contest all merchandise returns that were purchased during this period will be deducted from contest records.

Even if you don't win the first prize, you may qualify for one of the several consolation prizes worth hundreds of dollars. Pick up detailed information on all prizes from the main reception desk.

Example Letter #2


Doe Furniture offers all-expenses-paid weekends for two in Las Vegas for the first five salespersons who reach $20,000 in sales during our Spring Furniture Blowout, January 15-19.

The contest officially ends at the close of business on January 19, and the winners will be announced in the sales meeting the following Monday.

Good luck to each of you.

Example Letter #3


Announcing our annual Cream of the Crop sales contest! The top two salespeople this quarter will each win a luxury white water rafting trip for two on the Colorado River.

The idea is simple: The person who sells the most Springfield Dairy products between now and June 1 will receive a five-day rafting trip. The number two salesperson wins a two-day trip. Only complete sales with payment received by July 1 will be counted.

The winners will be announced at the company picnic on July 2. The Cream of the Crop contest starts today, so if you like the idea of enjoying gourmet meals in the spectacular Colorado River canyon after an exciting day of running class II, III, and IV rapids, you had better get on the ball!

Example Letter #4


Aloha! Attention all salespeople! It's time for our annual sales contest. This year the prize is a vacation for two in Hawaii.

The contest begins on January 5 and ends February 5. Whoever reaches $50,000 in completed sales during that time will enjoy a relaxing break from the winter cold in sunny Hawaii. Second and third place prizes are $500 and $250, respectively. The winners will be announced and notified by February 8. Pick up a copy of the contest rules and regulations at the front desk now. Good luck!

Example Letter #5


Are you hungry? How does dinner for two at the exclusive John Doe restaurant sound? That's the first prize for our June sales contest. The person with the highest sales volume during June will enjoy a gourmet meal for two at the John Doe restaurant. You may pick up further information on the contest in the reception area. The winner will be announced during the first sales meeting of July.

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step

1 Announce the contest with a brief description of what the sales personnel must do, and what they can win.

Sample Sentences for Step 1
  • Sign up 20 new subscribers for a year and win a mountain bike!
  • Sell $30,000 in tire products by May 30, and win a trip for two to Hawaii!
  • Raise your group's sales to level three and win a Cadillac for your personal use for the year!
  • Land five new accounts by Christmas and win a ski vacation for two in the Rockies!
  • Win two tickets to the playoff game by selling 50 units this week.
  • The High Achiever contest begins on May 1. Develop three new
    accounts and win a prize of $150.
Sample Phrases for Step 1
  • all you need to do is
  • by selling more than
  • for your entire group
  • for your personal use
  • how would you like to win a
  • land five new accounts this month
  • now is the time when extra effort
  • quarterly sales contest
  • raise your group's sales to
  • reach 120% of your quota this quarter
  • salesperson of the year
  • sell $20,000 or more in products this
  • sign up twenty new subscribers by
  • the winner will automatically be eligible for
  • win an all-expense-paid vacation for two to
  • win two tickets to
  • win a trip for two to
  • win an exciting getaway vacation for two
  • win yourself a two-day stay at
  • your special touch can really pay off

2 Explain the contest rules, including restrictions, and make the deadline clear.

Sample Sentences for Step 2
  • Anyone who meets the goal between now and July 1 will win.
  • The contest begins today and ends on Friday, July 30. Winners will be announced at the summer picnic on August 5.
  • Only salespersons are eligible to win. Managers and supervisors will have their own opportunities in the next round.
  • This offer is available only to new salespersons who have joined the company since January 1 of this year. Winners will be notified by mail and announced in our weekly bulletin.
  • All sales must be on new accounts. Renewal accounts, even though there has been a time lapse, do not qualify.
  • All sales must be verifiable with receipts in the main office before August 1, when the contest ends.
  • Contest rules are as follows:
    All sales must be complete and payment received by July 31.
    All sales must be new accounts.
    Managers and their families are ineligible.
Sample Phrases for Step 2
  • all sales must be on new accounts
  • all salespersons are eligible to win
  • contest rules are as follows
  • contest begins today
  • contest is open only to
  • each new account must place an order of at least
  • everyone who meets the goal
  • five products will count in the first quarter contest
  • just meet or break quota
  • must be verifiable with receipts
  • must receive payment before
  • prospects you are currently working are okay
  • quarterly sales contest
  • sale must have been completed by
  • sales contest involving our new line of
  • temporarily providing price breaks on
  • the rules are simple
  • want to broaden our customer base
  • will end on
  • winners will be announced on

3 Add details about the prizes and encourage participation.

Sample Sentences for Step 3
  • Winners will stay in the Doe Hotel and will also receive $500 cash. Start your campaign today!
  • Prizes may be taken in merchandise or in cash, so either way you're a winner. Indicate your intention to participate in this annual event by signing up with your supervisor today!
  • In addition to the new car, you will be eligible for additional prizes to complement your wardrobe. The Doe fashion houses are joining us in this effort.
  • As part of our effort to serve the community, we will contribute a percentage of each sale to the winner's favorite charity.
  • Get on the phone and be one of those who will spend three days and two nights at the Doe Marina Hotel. All meals and a cruise around the island will be included for qualifying winners.
Sample Phrases for Step 3
  • a few new sales will entitle you to
  • be one of the winners
  • can earn you a substantial cash reward
  • eligible for additional prizes
  • every one of you is a likely candidate
  • everyone can be a big winner
  • go get those new accounts
  • know you are as excited as I am about
  • if you have any questions, call me at
  • in this contest you can't lose
  • lucky winners will fly to
  • make your prize a sure thing
  • prizes may be taken in merchandise or cash
  • sign up with your supervisor
  • start your campaign today
  • this is a great contest
  • will be flown at company expense to
  • will receive $500
  • win your way to a well-deserved vacation
  • winners will stay in the
  • will win a