Contact Customers With Inactive Accounts For Sales Purposes

Sample Letter #1

We value all our business relationships with customers. We have especially enjoyed supplying your paper needs for the last five years. You understand, then, why we are concerned that you have not placed an order for the last six months. If we have offended you in any way, we sincerely apologize and want to regain your good will. We would appreciate knowing how to serve you better.

We have enclosed brochures of our new fall products. Since we have served you for such a long time, we can offer you prices that compare favorably with the prices on your previous contract. We are confident that both our new and standard products can meet your needs in every way. We hope to hear from you.

Sample Letter #2

Last year was a great year for us. Why? Because we had the privilege of filling several large orders for you. We have not heard from you for several months, so it seems that you have forgotten us. Did we do something to offend you? Or have you been so busy that you inadvertently overlooked your need to reorder?

Providing excellent service to our customers is very important to us. Since we would hate to lose you as one of our most outstanding customers, reestablishing our rewarding business relationship is top priority. Is there a time that I might meet with you to discuss your concerns? Please call me at 555-5555, and I will find a time that is convenient for you.

Were you aware that last year several of our products won awards for quality and affordability? And that we have a new line of cleaning products that is environmentally friendly, yet powerful? Please take a moment to reconsider whether you want to miss out on the quality products we can provide at such a nominal cost.

Sample Letter #3

Over the years you have been a loyal Doe customer, and we have enjoyed meeting your office-supply needs. However, we have not received an order from you in over three months, and we are concerned. Is there any way we can improve our service to you? We are aware that during the trucking strike, many of our customers could not get their orders filled quickly. Since then we have taken steps to ensure that every Doe customer receives prompt, reliable service. Will you please let me know if we can do anything to win you back? I have enclosed a copy of our new fall catalog. Call me personally at 555-5555 if I can help.

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