Offer a Discount

Letter #1


We have received many appreciated notes of concern about the fire at our warehouse. Although part of the building was damaged, our inventory was safe. In order to make repairs to the building, we will be closing for 20 days. But our loss can be your gain.

For the week of (dates), we can offer you 25% off everything in the warehouse--even those sales items already discounted. This is a great opportunity to save at our expense.

Remember, the sale starts (date) and ends on (date).

Letter #2


Here's a deal you'll want to act on!

We overran 2,700 widgets and we don't want to carry them in inventory past (date), so we're willing to give you an extra 23% discount if you order by (date).

Let me know if I should write it up! Call today 555-5555.

Letter #3


Oh, Boy! Someone forgot to turn the widget machine off. Now we are overstocked and have to move these widgets fast. Please take a few minutes to check your stock. I have been authorized to move these widgets out at 65% discount--15% better than our lowest quantity discount.

I'll call you by the end of the week to see if you're interested.

Letter #4


Deals like this happen once in a blue moon! So pick up your phone now and dial our order department.

Here's the deal. We are prepared to offer you a one-time 30% extra discount off your regular discount for medium size widgets, the type you typically purchase.

The catch? You must order by February 21. But when you do, we'll also throw in free shipping. Send us your order today. This special is too good to pass up.

Letter #5


Thanks for meeting with me earlier this week. I enjoyed touring your office, and I'm confident that Doe Office Furniture can supply you with the dividers, chairs, and desks that will be comfortable and will make your office look great.

As our client you receive an automatic preferred discount of 20%-25% on orders totaling $400 or more. The items you listed as needing immediately add up to $2,000, meaning that your bill on this order would come to only $1500.

We offer free delivery and are scheduling our truck for the end of this week. I'll call you soon to work out the details. Again, thank you for letting me serve you.

Letter #6


Save up to 50% of shipping.

When you are not pressed for time and do not need to ship by air, Doe Shipping can save you up to half.

Our ground shipment service typically takes no more than one extra day. Just think of the number of packages you send during the year that are not so urgent. At 50% off, you do the math. All that money goes directly to your bottom line.

For details on how Doe Shipping can save you money, call us toll-free 1-800-555-5555. Why spend all that extra money when you're not in a hurry?

Letter #7


Maybe we were optimistic, but we don't think so! We've just received a shipment of thousands of new widgets and we have to sell them fast.

So we've dropped the price 30%. That means you can buy your widget for only $29.95!

We're offering this low price through (date).

So order yours now while we're still offering this incredible introductory price--just $29.95.

P.S. Don't forget about our return policy. Return any product to us within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your total price.

Letter #8


Buy More, Save More!

For a limited time, you can save even more on all items in the Doe Catalog...and the more you order, the more of a discount you'll receive--up to 50%!

For example:

If you place an order of $25, you receive a 10% discount off your entire order.

If you place an order of $35, you receive a 15% discount off your entire order.

(Give more examples)

You get the idea. The best way to save is to find what you want from the catalog, make sure it adds up to at least ($), and give us a call at 555-5555.

So call now and save as much as 50% on your order. You just can't help but save money.

Letter #9


The bakers at Doe Bakery have been busy for months developing a cheese bread that is out of this world!

Delicious, nutritious, low-calorie--talking about it isn't enough. You've got to come in and try it. Once you've experienced our new cheese bread, I'm convinced you'll be back over and over again.

A complimentary mini loaf with your name on it is waiting at our bakery. Pick it up by (date), and receive an extra 15% off anything else you buy.

Bon appetit,

Letter #10


Our summer projections indicate that mattress sales will be running much lighter than usual. To keep our volume up, we are offering a special discount to you and an exclusive group of customers on orders placed by May 15th.

Here is a list of our best-selling mattresses:

*(list and prices)

Call 555-5555.

P.S. Remember, you must order by May 15th to receive these prices.

Letter #11


Here's a great incentive for your sales team--something they will scramble to win.

Doe Events Center can offer your company discounted season tickets for all our upcoming events--sports, concerts, and spectacular entertainment. Each of your salesmen will want their own season tickets. Call today to order your corporate season tickets: 555-5555.

Letter #12


Back to school can be such a strain on the family budget. But Doe Clothes can ease the pain.

Here's an offer that will save you time and money:

1) All our clothing is marked down 40% from the regular price;

2) If you find another offer anywhere that is lower than our prices for the same clothing, we'll beat it by another 10%!

So why shop anywhere else?

We are located at (address), and we are open (days/hours).

The Doe Clothes Back-to-School sale ends August 30, so come in today!

Letter #13


As a long-time customer of Doe Tanning Salons, you know that nothing takes the place of the sun for health and beautiful skin--but we come close. We have been serving (city) for more than 10 years. And we're ready to expand.

This is your invitation to our Open House at our new location: (address, date, time)

We're making a special offer to you, one of our current members. Extend your membership for one year and receive a 25 percent discount off! That's a savings of (amount)!

But there's more! Bring in this letter with you and receive a free bottle of Doe Tanning Lotion--a $10 value.

So come and see how we're growing. We look forward to seeing you.

Letter #14


There's never been a better time to warm up with a new Doe Furnace for your home or office. We have a great reason to get rid of that old, ineffective, expensive-to-operate furnace! Buy a new Doe Furnace now (through August 31) and pay nothing until May of next year. That's big savings! And check out these benefits:

*(list prominent features)

We're giving you the chance to escape payments and get your new furnace installed immediately.

See the enclosed brochure for details about this incredible offer.

Letter #15


For the past 12 years, you have been a loyal customer of Doe Bakery. As you know, we have expanded our bakery products to include:

*(List new products)

You've just got to try them! And, as our way of saying thanks for your years of support, we have enclosed some money-saving coupons.

Come to our Open House this Friday and Saturday. Bring your coupons and come hungry!

Letter #16


There's never been a better time to buy season tickets to Doe Opera. If you order by March 15, you will receive 30% off the regular admission price. That's a savings of over $100! Plus, you'll receive a commemorative autographed poster by famed tenor (name).

Now's the time to reserve your Doe Opera season tickets. Call 555-5555 to order today!

Letter #17


You've been a loyal Doe Catalog customer for years, and, as our way of saying thanks, we're offering you a special discount on your next catalog purchase. When you purchase by November 30, you'll save 25 percent off your entire order. This will help with your Christmas budget, so take the time to thumb through our entire catalog.

Just refer to the enclosed savings coupon when you order. And thanks again for being one of our most faithful customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Letter #18


As your Doe Paper Products representative, I've been authorized to offer you an extraordinary discount on your next order. If you order from our general catalog before October 31, you will receive 25 percent off any items listed in the supplementary catalog. I encourage you to check out these special items and calculate your inventories for the next few months. This offer will save you a lot of money.

I'll contact you next week to discuss your order. As always, Doe Paper Products is here to serve your needs and save you money.

Letter #19


Remainders and Damaged Book Sale

A Limited Number of the Best-Selling Books Now at Big Discounts!

Sale ends (date)!

Or, when all the stock is sold.

In the rush and excitement of selling through our inventory last year, there was no time to pay attention to slightly imperfect or damaged books, except to lay them aside.

Some of the covers may be slightly off-color. Or perhaps they may have been smudged during handling. In most cases, you'd have to look very close to notice anything wrong with them. However, we can't sell them as new books.

Right now, you can save 50% on most items we are offering in our annual "Remainders & Damaged Sale."

But there's only a limited number of any particular book title left to sell at this low price. And when the last one leaves our warehouse, it'll be impossible to get them for less than their regular prices.

Not only are you getting a significantly reduced price, but you can also take advantage of our free on-line shipping. If your order totals more than $75, your shipping is on us!

Because there is a limited number of books left (we wouldn't be surprised if our entire inventory gets snapped up in the first day or two), it's critical you don't delay.

All sales final! Once submitted, orders cannot be changed. No returns and no warranties.

We will simply ship you what you order, if it is still available.

First come, first served!

Order online for your best chance to get what you want! (Order information).

P.S. The response in previous years has been overwhelming! Remember... the sales end (date)! Or, when all the stock is sold.

Letter #20



This coupon entitles you to receive the following discounts.

Spend more than $150, receive $25 off

Spend more than $495, receive 100 off

Spend more than $995, receive $225 off

Spend more than $1990, receive $500 off

Thank you for shopping at Doe Company Stores. Loyal customers like you are rare--and greatly appreciated.

Our Gift to You

As a measure of our thanks for your business during the past year, we are delighted to present you with your personal Preferred Customer Gift Coupon in the amount of ($25, $100, $225, or $500). The more you spend the more you save. Your coupons may be used anytime, today through August 25, in any of our stores.

We invite you to choose from our complete store-wide assortments of fine watches, exclusive jewelry, and exquisite new glass tabletop items, all of which we are proud to offer at substantial savings, everyday.

Simply present your valuable gift coupon to enjoy special preferred customer savings on your next Doe Company Store purchase. Again, thank you for your loyalty. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.