Announce a Business Anniversary • Letter Templates and Guides

How to write this letter:

1Announce which anniversary you are celebrating and give the relevant dates.
2Explain what the business has accomplished over the years.
3Explain any special offers you are making as part of the celebration.
4Close with a positive statement such as thanks for support or a statement about the future.


This letter gives you an opportunity to advertise the success of your business, to inform the reader of your history, and to give a sales pitch. See also "Write a news release."

Example Letter #1


You are invited to help us celebrate 20 years of automotive service to the residents of Monroe County. We are happy to be the number one dealer in both sales and service for the State of Kansas. It's something we have worked hard to accomplish. Please drop in at 1600 Main Street during the month of June to enjoy summer refreshments and see the latest models. While you are there, remember to register for our big July giveaway.

Example Letter #2


Doe & Sons is proud to announce their 75th anniversary! Please join us Saturday, April 15, for free hot dogs and balloons for the kiddies. Browse through Doe's showroom stocked with the latest furniture fashions in celebration of this occasion.

Doe has furnished the homes of Springfield with fine furniture for years and continues the tradition by passing anniversary savings on to you. Through the end of April, receive 15% off any chest of drawers or TV entertainment center. All sofas, chairs, and love seats are 20% off! Come join in the celebration at Doe & Sons.

Example Letter #3


Come and celebrate with us on the 25th anniversary of our opening! Doe Stationers have served the Springfield community since June, 1972, when John Doe first sold pens and envelopes out of the kiosk on Main Street. Since that time we have moved to a beautiful retail space in the Springfield Plaza building, and our business has become the most exclusive stationer's in the state.

The month of June will be a month of celebration at Doe's. We are celebrating with sales on all fine pens and papers, and there will be a drawing for a special edition gold Doe Signature fountain pen valued at $685.00. We couldn't have made it 25 years without our loyal clientele, and we hope to serve you even better during the next 25!

Write Your Letter Step-by-Step


Announce which anniversary you are celebrating and give the relevant dates.

Example Sentences for Step 1

Example Phrases for Step 1


Explain what the business has accomplished over the years.

Example Sentences for Step 2

Building on a reputation of quality products and service, Doe Hardware has grown to become the state's leading provider of tools and hardware for the home. For the past ten years it has received the Governor's endorsement for providing work for the handicapped, and it continues its commitment of providing excellent service and products to the community. With its headquarters located in the old town hall in Springfield, Kansas, Doe Cosmetics employs over 200 people in its laboratories and corporate offices. Doe Cosmetics is a leader in providing nonallergenic, organically based health care products. It has grown from a small family business just ten years ago to its present stature as a leader in the industry. Health-conscious consumers are recognizing the superior quality of Doe products. Doe Motors was born in the imagination of two brothers who were playing with their toy cars in a sandbox. They wanted their own automobile agency when they grew up--and now they have it. They love cars and they love to take care of them. Taking pride in making people happy with their purchases is their hallmark. The Doe reputation goes back to the early settlers of our county. It was Joshua Doe, the great grandfather of John Doe, our current president, who was the first blacksmith and wheelwright for the early residents of Springfield. His descendants have continued to serve the transportation needs of our community and are pleased with the success of their newest automobile dealership. It all began in June of 1985, when the founder of Doe Software, John Doe, decided to take his word processing idea to members of the City Council. They agreed to invest in its further development, and thus began a revolution in the word processing industry. After this modest meeting, John and his associates were able to develop and market some of the finest software products in the world.

Example Phrases for Step 2


Explain any special offers you are making as part of the celebration.

Example Sentences for Step 3

Example Phrases for Step 3