Offer the Use of a Charge Account

Sample Letter #1


We have enjoyed serving your clothing needs and would like to make your purchases more convenient with the use of a Doe credit card. While most department store credit cards charge an Annual Percentage Rate of 21% per year, Doe's charges only 15%, which adds up to impressive savings for you. And we never charge an annual fee.

For more flexibility, we allow a ten-day grace period beyond the payment due date before adding a minimal $5 late fee. As a special bonus during the Christmas holidays, the Doe credit card allows you the option of taking a payment holiday. That's right! No payment required during December. If you return your pre-approved application today, you may delay payments on your first purchase for three months! But hurry! This offer is good only through May, 2019.

Sample Letter #2


Of all the credit cards you could choose from, you will find that the Doe Gold Card gives you an unprecedented level of service. For the first time ever, we are offering a gold card with a 5.9% introductory APR, a $5,000 credit limit, and no annual fee. Plus, the Doe Gold Card offers you a list of premium benefits, including car rental insurance and 24-hour road emergency assistance.

As an added bonus, we invite you to transfer the balances of your high interest cards to your new Doe account. To take advantage of this exceptional offer, fill out the enclosed invitation and return it by March 31, or call 555-5555 today. We look forward to welcoming you as our newest valued customer.

Sample Letter #3


We have long considered you to be one of our most valued customers, but have noted that you have not used your Doe charge account recently. Is there some problem that we can help to resolve? If so, please feel free to call me at 555-5555.

In any case, we would like to draw your attention to our new interest rate structure. We charge only 6.9% on the first $1, 500 of your outstanding balance and 8.9% on the next $1,500, rising to a maximum of 17.9% on that portion of the balance over $3,000. This makes our card truly economical to use for all those little purchases that come up from month to month.

Now is a great time to come back to Doe's. You can use the enclosed coupon to obtain a 20% discount on your next Doe card purchase. Remember, at Doe's we stand by our products- and our customers!

Sample Letter #4


As a preferred customer, we would like to invite you to take advantage of the convenience of a Doe Corporation charge account. Quite apart from the excellent terms and conditions we offer, a charge account with us will entitle you to advance notice of special offers and the same excellent discounts we offer our regular, high-volume customers. And don't forget, our charge account customers are able to take advantage of these special deals at any time and schedule the payments to suit themselves!

The enclosed copy of our terms and conditions has an application form attached. Just fill it out and mail it, and you will have your charge account in time for our next big sale.

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